Modern Family: 5 times the family was too harsh on DeDe (and 5 she was the worst)

Judicial and dramatic, DeDe Pritchett wasn’t the easiest Modern Family character to love. But sometimes Claire and the others treated her badly.

DeDe and Jay Prichett were married for over 30 years and had two children from their union. But eventually these two Modern Family the characters separated. DeDe left town to find herself, while Jay stayed behind to be with the family and support their secret empire. After Jay remarried in the future, it became clear that Claire never cared for her mother.

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From the way Claire spoke of DeDe, she seemed controlling, critical, and manipulative. Jay and Gloria don’t have a lot of good things to say about her either, but how bad could she be, right? Unfortunately, every time DeDe appeared on the screen, problems appeared.

10 The family was too harsh: he made it up with Jay

dede pritchett in modern family

There came a time in DeDe and Jay’s life when they were tired of being hostile to each other. Now that they were no longer married, they could work on their friendship. It took some time, of course, because DeDe was still upset that Jay moved in with someone as impressive as Gloria, but it happened. This proves that DeDe changed for the better in his own way. It just took time.

9 She was the worst: hooked up with Claire’s ex-boyfriend

In one of DeDe’s early episodes, she invited an uninvited guest to the Dunphy house for dinner: Claire’s ex-boyfriend, Robbie. He told Robbie that Claire was still thinking about her life; she never mentioned that she was married with three children.

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Robbie was disappointed after discovering that Claire was a kidnapped woman, but his night changed when DeDe made a move with him. Suddenly she started dating Robbie and invited him to Lily’s birthday party. The whole situation was a fiasco.

8 Family Was Too Tough: His Final Voicemail to Claire

dede passes away - modern family

In season 10, Claire and Mitchell received a frantic phone call from DeDe’s husband – their mother had passed away. Claire and Mitchell spent the night sharing memories about their mother when they realized they weren’t being honest. DeDe may be dead, but she wasn’t the best mother or the warmest person.

Claire later realized that she had a voicemail left from her mother. DeDe said he loved her and was sorry for their last argument. It was very important to DeDe to apologize.

7 She was the worst: she physically attacked Gloria

Dede Fight Glory - Modern Family

Although DeDe and Jay happily and voluntarily divorced, there was still a sense of resentment from DeDe. He hated the fact that Jay moved so fast, especially with a woman like Gloria. The couple invited DeDe to their wedding, but it was too much for her.

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She lashed out at them and embarrassed them on their wedding day. And later, he couldn’t be in the same room as Gloria without trying to strangle her.

6 The family was too tough: she was great with her grandchildren

dede on the couch - modern family

As hurtful as DeDe was to Mitchell and Claire, he was incredibly sweet to his grandchildren. She wasn’t there for all the events in their lives, but she adored when she was present. He went to Lily’s birthday party and really connected with Haley. Her connection to Haley is unique because, in many ways, Haley is a version of Claire, so one would suspect that DeDe would judge Haley. But instead, he was comforting his oldest grandson.

5 She was the worst: she judged Claire’s parenting style

dede talking to claire - modern family

It’s fascinating that DeDe had the audacity to judge Claire’s parenting style when she wasn’t such a loving mother or close enough to her grandchildren to know how they grew up. And yet he judged Claire by how she was raising her children. Mitchell has always been her favorite son, so she was destined to be tougher on Claire’s parenting skills than Mitchell’s.

4 The family was too tough: created a sweet bond with Manny

Dede and manny talking - modern family

The relationship between Manny and DeDe was really heartwarming and it wasn’t talked about enough. Manny is an old soul who respects everyone, including his stepfather’s ex-wife. Considering that DeDe tried to kill Gloria every time he saw her, it’s surprising that Manny still respects DeDe. In one episode, the two spent the day together talking poetry and connecting on a deep level. DeDe was surprisingly able to see Manny as her own self, rather than her ex-husband’s new son.

3 She was the worst: she made Mitchell do his dirty work

From the beginning it was known that DeDe uses his son to fight his battles. In one episode, DeDe showed up at Mitchell’s house and wanted to be invited to a family dinner that night. The only problem is, Mitchell knew that DeDe’s presence would alter the feathers. Instead of DeDe apologizing to Gloria and Jay alone, she used Mitchell to stir the pot as she sat and watched.

two Family was too tough: the deepest meaning of slippers

Claire with Alex and Haley - Modern Family

With Christmas just around the corner, Gloria’s mother came to town to help her get ready for the holidays. Claire was there to help Gloria’s mom bake cookies where she poured out on her mom. He said his mother always sent him slippers every year and it bothered him because they were generic. She never put any kind of effort into her gifts.

However, Gloria’s mother told Claire that the slippers could be a sentimental gift for her mother. Perhaps one of your favorite memories was seeing Claire in slippers around the house as a child? It changed Claire’s whole perspective on the gift.

1 She was the worst: she was tough on Phil and Cam

Dede stops at jays - modern family

DeDe may have been kind to his grandchildren, but he was cruel to his own children and their partners. She proved that she had never liked Phil when she invited Claire’s ex-boyfriend over to the house. And when it came to her relationship with Cam, she scoffed at her weight. She and Cam finally grew closer when they started emailing each other recipes, but she still wasn’t the kindest.

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