Monica’s origin hints that the MCU has a second Captain Marvel

A reveal in WandaVision episode 6 indicates that MCU Phase 4 now has a second Captain Marvel in SWORD’s Monica Rambeau, opening up new possibilities.

That WandaVision what he’s doing with Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) suggests that the MCU now has a second Captain Marvel in Phase 4. The title is currently owned by Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, but could eventually be taken over by a different character. If someone else used it, Monica would make more sense, given its comical connection to the name.

After being featured as a child in Captain Marvel, Monica has been reviewed as an adult in the second Marvel postAvengers Endgame history, WandaVision. In the first Disney + MCU TV show it was revealed that an adult Monica is now an agent for the highly advanced government agency known as SWORD. After an escape to Wanda’s fake world of Westview, Monica has become one of the few people within SWORD who really wants to help her. But it seems that Monica may be more than an ally of Wanda in the next episodes. A moment in WandaVision Episode 6 showed Monica’s transformation into a superhero.

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For Monica to become a hero is not a totally unexpected move. Due to its story in the comics, it’s actually something that fans were hoping would happen all along, it just wasn’t clear how this story would begin. Now the pieces are coming together and according to the latest episode, the MCU may already have a second Captain Marvel in Monica Rambeau. This is what By WandaVision clues about Monica could mean as much for her future on the show as Captain Marvel 2.

Monica was Marvel Comics’ second Captain Marvel (not Carol Danvers)

Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Monica Rambeau is that she was the first female Captain Marvel and the second character to wear the mantle. Carol Danvers, who originally called herself “Mrs. Marvel, ”he didn’t start using the name until the 2010s. In the pages of 1982 The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 16, Monica was a young woman from Louisiana who was exposed to a strange form of energy. As a result, he developed the ability to transform into various types of electromagnetic energy, allowing him to fly, fire powerful blasts of energy, and more. Due to a misunderstanding on her first outing as a superhero, the media dubbed her “Captain Marvel,” a name that formerly belonged to Mar-Vell, a super-powerful Kree who betrayed her people to become a protector of Earth. He later also mentored Carol Danvers.

Monica kept the name Captain Marvel and joined the Avengers. His use of the title caused some confusion at first, as Avengers members like Starfox mused on his connection to the original. Monica explained that the two superheroes sharing the same name was just a coincidence, as she didn’t even know that Mar-Vell existed. In other words, Monica really has no connection to Captain Marvel’s legacy. Carol, on the other hand, took the name for the specific purpose of honoring him and what he stood for. Over time, Marvel Comics moved out of this phase in Monica’s life and allowed other characters to use the title. As for Monica, they gave her new codenames like Photon and Spectrum, the latter being the one she currently has.

How Monica can become a superhero on WandaVision

WandaVision: Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau

Marvel is already pointing out that the MCU’s Monica Rambeau will become her comic book counterpart in WandaVision. At some point after accidentally breaking through the Scarlet Witch’s energy barrier, the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) threw Monica through it and she returned to the real world. As many suspected, this had a secret effect on his biology. After watching Monica’s blood work in episode 6, Darcy (Kat Dennings) discovered that because Monica interacted with the barrier twice, her energy recoded her cells at the molecular level. Monica is already changing, and it could be that a third incident with the barrier is what completes her transformation. It may not be long before Monica begins to show signs of superhuman abilities.

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Although Monica wants to help Wanda, a confrontation with her may be unavoidable, and it may be then that her powers first emerge. Wanda continues to regard Monica as an enemy, and for this reason, a fight can ensue if they meet again in Westview. If Wanda attacks her with her abilities, Monica could fight back with her new powers. If they are like the ones you had in Marvel Comics, they will be electromagnetic in nature. It’s hard to say how much of a challenge Monica could give a character like Scarlet Witch, who nearly defeats Thanos singlehandedly, but she may be able to hold out long enough to reason with Wanda. If so, they may be able to team up if and when Tyler Hayward’s SWORD agents come for Scarlet Witch.

What could be the role of Monica’s Captain Marvel 2?

WandaVision Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau

Yes WandaVision ends with Monica as a full-blown superhero in the MCU, her role in Captain Marvel 2 would be configured. It has been confirmed that Monica would be one of three heroes to be joined in the next film, with the other two being Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani). How Monica will get along with Carol in the movie was teased on WandaVision when she quickly changed the subject as soon as Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) mentioned her. Monica apparently has problems with her, possibly due to her long absence from Earth.

If Carol returned to space after Avengers Endgame, it could be revealed that Monica has taken her place in more ways than one prior to setting up Captain Marvel 2. Not only could he be fulfilling a similar role on Earth, he could also be using the name at the same time. The reason for that could be similar to the one in the comics, especially if you currently hold a grudge against Carol. It is possible that it was the media who decided to call her the new Captain Marvel and not Monica herself. The public could have given it the name if they think the original is gone forever. If that’s the case, the MCU could end up giving Monica a 1980s comic book costume to go with her classic codename. It would also feel perfectly appropriate for Monica’s status as the second Captain Marvel in the comics to be duly recognized in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the MCU moves in this direction after WandaVision, the 2022 movie could feature a fun confrontation (and a team) between two different versions of Captain Marvel.

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