Mortal Kombat: 10 hilarious come here memes

Mortal Kombat became quite a fun hit. However, no line has been written like the famous quote from Scorpion’s spear move, “Come here!”

When it comes to pop culture, there are very few fighting games that can really compare to those of Mortal Kombat. He has had a huge influence not only on the gaming industry itself, but on pop culture as a whole.

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Since its introduction, Mortal Kombat It has attracted the attention of competitive, informal groups, critical viewers and those who want to laugh at its exaggerated antics. Of course, a focal point of the comedy was some of the game’s lines. With all the random screams and funny names of the moves, Mortal Kombat it became quite a fun hit. However, no line has been memed like the famous quote from Scorpion’s spear move, “Come here!”

10 Stay there!

scorpion bathroom meme

A classic meme starring this catchphrase puts a great spin on it. It’s something that could be happening behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite blood-filled fighting game starring military fighters, demons, science experiments gone wrong, gods, cyborgs, and ninjas.

Here, Hanzo Hasashi, better known as Scorpion, is taking a break from violence to relieve himself. Of course, a door that is opened prematurely reveals him in an indecent state. For the first time, he wants you not to “come here.”

9 This is uncomfortable

If there’s anything that can send shivers down any demon’s spine more than being locked up Mortal Kombat With the vengeful spirit known as the Scorpio, he is coming face to face with a seductive version of him.

Here, Scorpion can be seen in a state that absolutely no one needed to see, but was able to see it anyway. This classic meme has been around for years and is still being posted to this day. It’s a classic format that was used quite a bit in the early 2010s that it can still make anyone who’s familiar with it laugh. Mortal Kombat mascot.

8 Daffy Duck, meet Hanzo Hasashi

mk looney tunes

When the Mortal Kombat animated film, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge was announced by Warner Bros., there were high expectations on the fan table. They wanted blood, they wanted great fights, and they wanted good animations.

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However, one thing that no one wanted, but that everyone enjoyed, was a quick and hilarious cameo from Looney tunes/Happy melodies legend, Daffy Duck. This meme takes that cameo and turns it into a simple yet hilarious meme starring two characters who simply make you laugh due to the sheer randomness of their encounter.

7 Mortal Kombros

The wojak meme format recently broke out once again on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, but it has been around for years. Is Mortal Kombat The meme has been around for decades and is still used to this day.

The best part of this is the fact that these two are mortal enemies until the end of Mortal Kombat X. In the context of games before that, where they’re willing to brutally murder each other, it’s even more fun.

6 Mortal Kombat is everywhere

mk11 at work

When it comes to really playing Mortal Kombat, many fans of the series are on two sides of the room. Either they love Scorpion and play like him in every game, or they absolutely hate Scorpion, they think he’s overrated and they hate having to face him, his spear, and his teleportation.

Sadly for those who hate that argument, this meme shows that there may be no escape from the infernal ninja as he might even show up to get in the way of work. Fortunately, he is not there to fight, but just to give a simple instruction.

5 Mortal kombat and khill

cheesy mk meme

Like the other Scorpion meme in the room, this is another one that puts Scorpion in a hilarious and seductive position.

However, this time he doesn’t even try to be cute about it or even ask. As seen with his spear, he is literally drawing whoever is speaking. However, hopefully he is not stabbing them as usual.

4 The classic scorpion decision

scorpion meme

One thing that made fans hate Scorpion during Mortal KombatThe revival game of 2011 was the deepest dive into the first Mortal Kombat tournament and the history of the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub Zero.

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Many are aware that Scorpion hates the original Sub Zero for killing his clan, although it was obviously not his fault as he even told Scorpion. However, Scorpion asked no questions and listened to the obviously evil man from Hell, killing Bi Han for no reason.

3 Animal Krossing

mortal kombat isabelle

Isabelle’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brought to the internet a lot of memes and this is one of the best.

Isabelle is in a fighting game and has a long-range Scorpion spear move on her Twitter artist inspired by grabbing fishing rods, Teabro to cook the cross image of your life.

two Scorpion wants you to be safe

mk11 covid

Mortal Kombat I enjoyed some attention during this pandemic in the joke department due to ninja masks and this wholesome meme is a great extension of that.

It’s nice to see Scorpion change his way of telling everyone to be safe during these difficult times.

1 Deteriorating scorpion

A very popular meme format in recent times is to deteriorate a character until he and his quotes are barely recognizable.

This example does perfectly with Scorpion, with the latest version just ridiculous.

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