Hawks, the newest addition to My Hero Academia, has made such an impact that the internet has become a nesting ground for some truly incredible cosplay.

My hero academia is one of the most popular anime franchises. In a society shaped by the peculiarities that a person possesses, there are endless characters who are heroes and villains. In the most recent season of MHA, One of the newer heroes introduced is Hawks, the new hero number 2.

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Move over Todoroki and Midoriya there is a new challenger for the fan favorite and his name is Hawks. Hawks’ popularity with fans should come as no surprise, as he’s a cool and sarcastic addition to the world of quirks. The new hero has made such an impact that the internet has become a nesting ground for some truly amazing fan-created art and cosplay. These fun recreations of the character span various ethnic and gender backgrounds.

10 @GammaRaeCosplay

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

GammRaeCosplay is a cosplayer with a growing following. His Twitter features everything to do with anime and nerd, and his portrayal of the Hawks turns heads! As a black cosplayer, GammaRaeCosplay uses its platform to share unique perspectives in the anime community.

Her Black Hawks shows the enormous impact of anime in diverse communities around the world. It is obvious from the images that a lot of effort is put into the custom elements of this cosplay.

9 @Aguacoloren_

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

The multitude of characters within the MHA universes inspires many different types of cosplay. The cosplayer’s Instagram page Watercoloren_ shows a true appreciation for cosplay and anime. Hawks is not the first hero Watercoloren_ has been reproduced from the MHA universe.

The Watercoloren_ recreation of Hawks leaves you with a dreamy rendition of hero number 2. The handcrafted wings are one of the stunning aspects of this cosplay. Watercoloren_also, like many of the cosplayers on this list, offers a game of genre.

8 @Birdie

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

Birdybomb is a cosplayer, graphic designer and illustrator on Tumblr. Your previous work on your page suggests a great appreciation for MHA and its many colorful characters. His Hawks cosplay is one of the best and most shared on the site and it’s no wonder.

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The attention to detail really makes this version of Hawks stand out. A departure from his traditional red feathers, the realistic choice makes the character feel rooted in reality. The outdoor photoshoot and the variety of heroic poses make this cosplay really impressive. BirdyBomb cosplay was photographed by Eric Rife.

7 @Kagonineko

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

A part of a duo of twins from Instagram, Kagonineko’s Page shows a true affinity for cosplay in a variety of genres, not just anime. Kagonineko’s transformation into Hawks is particularly notable for her choice to wear a curly blonde wig instead of the original spiky blonde tips seen in the anime.

Kagonineko’s photo does a great job of recreating Hawk’s fallen parents that fans will remember from their introductory episodes, fighting alongside the ever secretive Endeavor. Fans will remember these fantastic episodes and the herald of the plot twists to come.

6 @Kurochatcosplay

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

Kurochatcosplay is a cosplayer on Instagram with a wide variety of interests. Inspiration for cosplay seems to come from everything nerdy and each look has a caring quality to it. This recreation of Hawks is another fantastic example of the great work of Kurochatcosplay.

This version of Hawks pays homage to the original anime color scheme by staying true to the vibrant red of the wings. Photographed by Instagrammer Princecakecosplay, this cosplay really captures the personality of the sarcastic hero.

5 @aeonik_

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

Instagram cosplayer EON He is a true anime fan with many different and sensational cosplay styles. He has absolutely changed the classic interpretation with these villainous-looking Hawks. The artistic liberties taken in the original character design result in a very cool and intimidating Hawks with a scar on his face.

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In addition to the scar, AEON has also created a Hawks that appears almost the size of a pocket using wings with a small wingspan. Fans of the franchise know that Hawk’s wingspan is an important element in his character’s design, but AEON’s choice seems fitting for his version of the hero. Although he’s not actually a villain, Hawks gives these baddies from the MHA universe a run for their money.

4 SaIsaisanisa

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

An absolutely stellar cosplayer, Isaisanisa’s Instagram account shows true appreciation for MHA and animate. Besides creating realistic and captivating cosplays, Isaisanisa also photographs her own work turning it into a fantasy. Isaisanisa’s Hawks cosplay is extremely splendid.

The wings, as in many of the other examples, are the center of attention and they do not disappoint. The wooded photoshoot suggests that there might be a softer side to the Hawks character that is not seen in the anime.

3 @Crunchcosplay

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

CrunchcosplayHawks’ performance definitely shows a talent for paying homage to the fandom. An obvious fan of anime and the MHA universe, it’s safe to say the internet can expect more interesting interpretations from this cosplayer. This photo was taken by Instagrammer karamelphotography.

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Their page goes into detail on the process of creating the Hawks cosplay and the fun activities with. Crunchcosplay captures Hawks’ bad boy personality with this cosplay. His pose and perspective of the photo scream the carefree hero of the skies.

two @Skrei_

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

Skrei_ is an Instagram cosplayer whose version of Hawks shows great promise for how her page will grow. Her Instagram shares a great anime cosplay with personal moments peppered.

Skrei_’s Hawks, which debuted in Cons in 2019, is a very solid representation of the character. The giant bright red wingspan accompanied by the sea of ​​blonde spikes is unmistakably Hawks.

1 @Valkaricosplay

Me Hero Academia Hawks cosplay

Valkaricosplay is a cosplayer on Tumblr and Instagram. The cosplay on these pages includes a variety of characters from anime to Disney to the world of video games. Without a doubt, Valkaricosplay offers high-quality cosplay looks that capture the essence of a character.

Valkaricosplay poses in a way that screams bad boy! Another fan of the anime version with a brown wingspan, this version of Hawks is another fantastic example of fandom and creativity.

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