My Hero Academia: 10 Best Antiheroes, Ranked by Sympathy

My hero academia It may feature Izuku Midoriya as the star, but this shonen protagonist is far from the only one. He’s one of twenty UA class 1-A students, and there’s a lot of competition to become the next hero # 1. The current and in-training heroes are of many types, from melee masters to support fighters, and their personalities are equally diverse.

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Deku is a likable hero thanks to his friendly demeanor and can-do mentality, but not every character in the series follows his example. My hero academia It’s home to more than a few types of antiheroes, and not all of them are the nicest.

10 Minoru Mineta, the girl hunter

Minoru Mineta resting her cheek against her hand.

Mineta is duly motivated as a student and has found a creative way to use her Pop-Off ability. He is also a decent student. Unfortunately, there is everything else. He has a well-earned reputation for chasing girls and harassing them, which earns him points from exactly anyone. On top of that, Mineta tends to panic in battle and runs fast when powerful villains appear. He’s working on getting over this issue, but for now, it’s hard for him to like Mineta, even as comic relief.

9 Neito Monoma, the copycat student

Neito looking menacing

Class 1-B’s Neito Monoma is known for two things: his ability to copy other people’s Quirks with a twist, and his extreme disdain for Class 1-A. It’s one thing to have a rival, but Neito takes this rivalry to a ridiculous extreme, annoying everyone else in the process. Neito needs to cool his head, realize that classes 1-A and 1-B are on the same side, and that making friends with the students in class 1-A could be much more productive than antagonizing them.

8 Seiji Shishikura of Shiketsu High

Seiji Shishikura relies almost entirely on his Gift, Meatball, and can defeat quite a few enemies with this tricky ability. He is duly determined to become a professional hero and values ​​dignity and discipline above all else, but he does so in a rather bitter way.

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Seiji makes no effort to make friends or empathize, teasing some of his classmates with his obsession with propriety. Seiji is right in thinking that heroes should act professionally, but he could be nicer about it.

7 Saiko Intelli, the girl with a high IQ

Saiko Intelli isn’t much different from Momo Yaoyorozu, as she relies mostly on brain power while her teammates do the heavy lifting. Saiko’s Quirk will increase her IQ when she drinks hot tea, and she took on Tsuyu Asui’s team and almost won. Like any other student, Saiko is motivated and wants to put her talents to good use. There is no doubt that she will one day be an excellent support hero, but she could bear to lose her arrogant and cocky demeanor.

6 Hitoshi Shinso, The Brainwashed Boy

Hitoshi during the sports festival

Hitoshi Shinso from general education classes is determined to prove that he and his strange Quirk are worthy of the title of hero. It is also quite gloomy.

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Shinso’s envy is somewhat identifiable, as not everyone was born with a Quirk tailor-made for the work of heroes, even if they want to become heroes. Shinso has resolved to do his best, but could be here to relax a bit. It’s pretty creepy at times.

5 Endeavor, the runner-up

MHA effort number one

For years, Endeavor was the number two hero behind All Might. At first, Endeavor was despicable, given his parenting strategy with Shoto Todoroki and his other children. Over time, Endeavor began to win over fans by risking his life and pushing himself to the limit to justify his new position as the number one hero. It’s no longer just about him; Now, Endeavor’s mission is to give the world the number one hero it needs in these difficult times. Endeavor has also made serious efforts to reconcile with his son Shoto, and vice versa.

4 Katsuki Bakugo, the Exalted

Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

When Katsuki Bakugo is at his worst, he is one of the most vile characters in the series, but Bakugo’s silver lining balances all of that in the end and he has become one of the main anti-heroes in the series.

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Bakugo idolizes All Might, a sentiment Izuku can easily relate to, and he wants to become the number one hero and prove himself. Bakugo has shown remarkable courage in the face of difficulties and has become a fairer opponent for Deku. He also cooperated and played drums for his class rock band, a very kind gesture.

3 Shoto Todoroki, the born genius

Shoto was a bitter loner at first, weighed down by serious personal baggage, but then he came out of his shell. He recognized Izuku as a true rival and overcame his mental barriers to free his home at last. Shoto is also making an effort to build bridges with his father and is slowly becoming kinder, gentler and more charismatic than ever.

two Kyoka Jiro, the Rock’N Roll girl

Kyoka Jiro’s anti-hero side comes from her punk attitude and aloof nature, but she means well. Kyoka isn’t terribly charismatic and has some confidence issues, but she really wants to become her personal best as a hero. Kyoka won over fans and her classmates alike with her constant growth as a hero: she will risk anything to protect her friends and take on evil. He also launched Class 1-A marching band as the lead singer, and he had a lot of fun making music with his friends.

1 Shota Aizawa, also known as eraser

The teacher of class 1-A is the memorable Shota Aizawa, whose grumpy personality got him loved by the public at once. Aizawa is a classic antihero, with his moody and impersonal demeanor contrasting with his pride in his students. He has faith that his 20 students will become great heroes, but he is not quick to admit it to others.

Aizawa is also loved for his hilarious character quirks, such as his fondness for cats, his penchant for napping at odd times, and his relationship with the outgoing Ms. Joke. In Mina Ashido’s mind, Aizawa is is close to popping the question.

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