‘My Hole!’ From Nia Jax Yell Remixed As Naomi’s New Entrance Music

A new mashup has been created, reimagining Nia Jax’s ‘my hole’ meme as part of the amazing entrance music for the fighter Naomi.

A meme was born when the fighter Nia Jax screamed, “My hole!” That meme has now been mixed with music for another WWE wrestler.

Jax’s exclamation was recently integrated into new entry music for Trinity Fatu, also known by her stage name as Naomi. Fatu posted the remix on social media, writing: “I have NEW entry music! Thank you [Nia Jax]. “

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Jax appeared in Monday night raw in a match with Lana, during which Jax braced himself for a leg drop on the side of the ring. Lana evaded the move, causing Jax to hurt his butt and yell, “My hole!” While WWE censored his scream, the uncensored version appeared on social media and quickly became a meme, in large part thanks to its popularity with Jax’s fellow WWE wrestlers, who spread it.

Nia Jax is one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Shayna Baszler. The two briefly lost the title to Asuka and Charlotte Flair in December in TLC: Tables, stairs and chairs, but they were able to claim it in January at the Royal Rumble Kick-Off Show.

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