Nightmare Of The Wolf Will Provide The Witcher’s Most Important Backstory

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will focus on Vesemir’s origin story, but it could include some crucial witcher story to go along with it.

Nightmare of the wolf provide to The Wizard most important backstory. Little more than a month later The Wizard debuted on Netflix in December 2019, news of an anime movie was confirmed. A kind of prequel, The Witcher: Wolf’s Nightmare he is prepared to follow Vesemir, Geralt of Rivia’s mentor, in the early days of his journey as a sorcerer. Vesemir has already been confirmed to appear in season 2 of The Wizard, where it will be interpreted by Killing Eva Kim Bodnia. While plot details are relatively sparse, the anime film could explore the siege of Kaer Morhen, a pivotal event in warlock history that could add more depth to season 2 of the show.

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The siege (or battle, as it is often called) of Kaer Morhen, the ancestral castle where warlocks trained and underwent mutations, was an event that unfolded in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In the video game, the fundamental battle was instigated by the Wild Hunt, a spectral group of teleported horsemen whose arrival served as an omen for war. They intended to find and kidnap Ciri due to her immensely powerful magic (which had not been activated) and they pursued her for a time. When Ciri was brought to Kaer Morhen for refuge, Geralt, Vesemir, and the rest of the warlocks made a defense plan, knowing that the Wild Hunt was not far from reaching them.

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However, despite his best efforts, Wild Hunt defeated the warlocks and several of them died, including Vesemir. Of course, knowing that Vesemir will be in season 2 of The Wizard means they won’t kill him in Nightmare of the wolf. The movie is reportedly an origin story as well, suggesting that the Kaer Morhen battle won’t necessarily play out at all. That being said, assuming the movie is released before season 2, Kaer Morhen and Wild Hunt could be introduced, who could then connect with The Wizard primary arc. Vesemir is one of the oldest warlocks, after all, and he may have had his fair share of run-ins with the wraiths.

The Witcher - Vesemir

Furthermore, Kaer Morhen was a resplendent place before the siege and the years weathered it. It also served as Vesemir’s primary home for much of his life. In fact, he was one of the last known warlocks to live in Kaer Morhen. The siege is one of the most remarkable moments in the history of the warlocks, so there is a possibility that Nightmare of the wolf At the very least, it will lay the groundwork for it. It is unknown what the film has in store, but considering that Vesemir will be a focus, the chance that the event will be included or alluded to is high.

To be clear, the siege of Kaer Morhen only occurred in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it was not part of Andrzej Sapkowski Sorcerer novels and stories. Nor is it an event that was referenced at all in season 1 of The Wizard, which could mean it hasn’t happened yet. Regardless, battle is an important part of warlock history and, with the series featuring Kaer Morhen in season 2 and Geralt taking Ciri there for training, Nightmare of the wolf could explore the location further before leading to the siege, thus providing another layer to The Wizard.

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