Nightwing just got the worst nickname in DC history

Nightwing just revealed his new, darker look in DC’s Future State, and the Teen Titans just roasted him for it with a horrible new nickname.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Teen Titans # 2 by Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval

In DC Comics’ Future state, The Teen Titans are preparing for a final battle with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which they inadvertently unleashed upon the world. Future State: Teen Titans It has also debuted Red X’s first appearance in the DC comic book universe, which played a major role in releasing the Four Horsemen in the first place. While the rest of the Titans still don’t trust him, At night does. To make matters worse, the Titans are also having a hard time with Dick Grayson’s dark new path, wearing a costume that resembles the Titans’ enemy, Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. Naturally, Dick Grayson ends up facing some opposition for his recent choices, and as a result, the merger of Beast Boy and Cyborg known as Cybeast gave him one of the worst nicknames of all time.

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While Red X had been locked up, Nightwing decides to trust him and set him free in Future State: Teen Titans # 2 by writer Tim Sheridan with art by Rafa Sandoval. Red X is apparently looking to redeem himself and fix things by helping the Titans defeat the Four Horsemen once and for all. However, seeing Dick Grayson dressed as Slade Wilson alongside the guy who betrayed the Titans doesn’t instill great confidence that Nightwing is making the right decisions in DC’s future, let alone with his fellow Titans.

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Starfire in particular seems to be quite annoyed at Grayson, seemingly angry at his choice of outfit and what it means. It is also revealed here that after Nightwing left Gotham, he actually went and worked with Deathstroke for some time, having become cynical, dark and jaded due to the corruption of Gotham City by the Magistrate. While Grayson promises Starfire that he has not worked with Slade in months and that the mask he wears is just a precaution, Starfire has practically finished with Grayson, calling him “Death Wing”. However, Cybeast intervenes, offering one of the wildest nicknames of all time.


While the Cyborg part of Cybeast cuts Beast Boy, it’s clear what he was going to say, and it’s pretty grilled. However, the rest of the team’s frustration towards Nightwing is justified. He is definitely not the same hero in the future that he is in the present of the DC Universe, and it seems that a bit of darkness has entered and influenced his life. Still, despite his disguise and questionable choice to free Red X, it appears that Grayson is honestly trying to get back into the light, trust again, and do the right thing more than he has apparently been working with in recent years. Slade.

At the end of the issue, it seems that Dick’s decision to trust Red X paid off, as Red X makes a sacrifice play by dialing “Titans” on the modified H-Dial in team possession, calling out everyone’s spirits. Players. Fallen Titans of the past for a final push against the Four Horsemen, containing all of their collective darkness within Raven. Despite the fact that Nightwing was justifiably criticized by his fellow Titans, he ultimately ended up making the right decision. Now, it will be up to all the remaining Titans to help rebuild and restore their world, but here’s hope. At night He’ll be wearing his classic black and blue rags again, unless he wants to risk letting the hideous Cybeast moniker stick around in DC Future state.

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