One Piece’s Blackbeard is already unique with two Devil Fruits under his belt, but the possibility of a third would make him nearly unstoppable.

One piece It is filled with dangerously powerful pirates who can use the power of the Devil Fruits to soar to even greater heights. However, Blackbeard is the only character to have claimed that power twice, and fans speculate that he could be boosted further with a third party. This theory is not entirely unfounded either, as the symbolism of the thirds is his character’s design, even his Jolly Roger features three skulls.

Considering Blackbeard’s propensity for destruction, which devil fruits would be best suited for one of the most dangerous pirates in the series?

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Blackbeard’s current powers

Blackbeard currently has the powers of Yami Yami no Mi / Dark-Dark Fruit and Gura Gura no Mi / Quake-Quake Fruit. The Yami Yami no Mi is a Devil Fruit of the Logia type, which means that it allows the user to change the composition of their body to become a natural element, in this case, darkness, and control it. Along with his first gravitational and nullifying Devil Fruit, Blackbeard also took the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard. The Paramecia Devil Fruit allows the user to cause earthquakes and shockwaves, granting Blackbeard additional superhuman abilities.

It’s safe to assume that since you’ve consumed one of each type, and thirds are part of your motive, the next fruit would be the Zoan type, allowing you to transform into a different species at will. A Zoan Fruit user has a base form, then a hybrid, and finally a bestial form. Chopper is an example of a Zoan user, although he ate the Milestone No Mi Milestone, which allows him to speak and think like a human. Those who train hard enough can unlock other abilities, like Chopper’s, to use seven different forms.

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What devil fruits could Blackbeard target next?

If Blackbeard targets a Zoan fruit next, which one would suit his current skill set? An ancient Zoan fruit, such as Ryu Ryu no Mi, is an option, although they are considered rarer than the standard Zoan. The Ryu Ryu no Mi would allow it to transform into an extinct species of dinosaur depending on the fruit, and there are nine confirmed variations. While dinosaurs are surely capable of destruction, Blackbeard could also hunt down a mythical zoan fruit, which is even more unique.

The Mythical Zoan Fruit grants its users the power to transform into mythical beasts, such as a phoenix or a dragon. A notable example that would suit Blackbeard’s existing abilities could be Batto Batto no Mi / Bat-Bat Fruit, which would allow him to transform into a vampire. However, while the life-draining powers would complement the Yami Yami no Mi’s nullification capabilities, the Batto Batto no Mi has not made a canon debut.

A more outlandish option, but entirely possible, could be if Blackbeard attempted to steal the Uo Uo no Mi from Kaido, a fellow Emperor of the Sea. Given the ability to transform into a large blue dragon, the massive size of the beast’s form would not it would be a problem indoors, as Blackbeard can already transform into darkness. If he could have physical contact with more than one opponent, he could negate multiple Devil Fruit powers at once.

The prospect of Blackbeard adding the Uo Uo no Mi to his arsenal is a truly terrifying idea. From combining his shockwaves with the dragon form to using lightning strikes with Gura Gura Gura no Mi earthquakes, this would be the most dangerous devil fruit Blackbeard could win. Whether he can steal it from Kaido, it is unknown how much destruction and mayhem it could actually cause.

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