Persona 5 Strikers: Tips and Tricks for New Players

Persona 5 Strikers is coming to the rest of the world soon, so here’s what you need to know as you enter the latest Phantom Thieves adventure.

After its release in Japan last year, Persona 5 Strikers it will soon reach the rest of the world. Since players in Japan have been playing it for a while, games around the world that are rolling out to the next Phantom Thieves of Hearts story this month can find plenty of helpful information and tips.

Established six months after the events of Person 5, Joker and his friends, the Phantom Thieves, embark on a summer trip to Japan. However, they soon discover that, in many of the towns and cities they encounter, people’s hearts are being corrupted as part of a new conspiracy. This leads them to reform their vigilante group and take on the threat. Along with the original group of friends, the Phantom Thieves have a new character who joins their group: Sophia, an intelligent AI.

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Get acquainted with Persona 5 first

Joker Persona 5 Feature

The game does its best to properly give context to newcomers to the series, but with so many references, characters, and plot points coming from Person 5, it’s a good idea to play that before diving into this title. Even if you played it a while ago, you might want to remember the main plot points and character mechanics of that game as they have been incorporated into Strikerthe gameplay. It should also be noted that Strikers is a continuation of the original. Person 5, ignoring Real and its additional content.

Be ready for something different

Although it was published by Atlus, the game was jointly developed by Omega Force and P-Studio. So unlike the original turn-based combat of Person 5, Strikers‘The combat is centered around a real-time hack and slash game similar to Warrior dynasty Serie. The only time a battle can be paused is by selecting Persona skills from the player menu, allowing for tactical positioning and switching between characters. Players can only control Joker in the real world, but can control any member of the party freely while exploring the dungeons of the story.

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However, although combat may be in real time, Strikers is simplified by eliminating the calendar system, which means you don’t have to be as efficient as possible to meet game deadlines on time. Also, exiting a dungeon does not progress over time and generally will not have negative effects. While turn-based combat did Person 5 a long-term endurance test such as a 10-mile run, Strikers it’s more like a 50-yard sprint.

Another big change is the removal of the Confidant system, which is replaced by the BOND system. Obtaining BOND points can be done passively by progressing through the story, cooking and reaching various milestones, or actively participating in combat. Points can be spent on new skills and battle rewards. It is important to plan in advance which of these BOND skills you want, as they can offer a significant advantage.

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Stock up on supplies

Stocking up on supplies is an obvious way to get better at the game, as you never know when you might need a health potion or consumable. This can be done by visiting Sophia’s store, who takes on the role of both the Takemi Medical Clinic and the Untouchable stores of Person 5. It is always available and will add new and better items as the story progresses. Some of the best supplies to stock up include Takemedic, Regen Patch, SP Adhesive, Reviv-All, and more.

However, most of these items will be too expensive to pay for when you are starting out. In the beginning, you should save your money and cook your own consumables instead of buying them.

Use your third eye

Each of your characters’ elemental charges can give you a significant advantage when used against the correct enemy. The protagonist can manage and collect new Personas for new charges from defeated enemies, merging them again in the Velvet Room with the help of Lavenza. Most of the usual enemies you encounter in prisons can be easily defeated, but even some optional mini-bosses will be challenging and require planning and preparation beforehand. Players can make use of Third Eye, a vanilla game feature that can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of enemies.

Developed by Omega Force and P-Studio and published by Atlus, Persona 5 Strikers will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam on February 23, 2021.

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