Pirated Nintendo Games Discovered in Microsoft Edge Extensions

Several high-profile games from the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft have been made available to play in the Edge browser through extensions.

Various ancient games, including many of Nintendo, were apparently illegally posted on the Microsoft Edge store, allowing users to play the titles in the browser. Like its competitors, Edge has a wide variety of plugins and extensions available to users, giving them the ability to customize and enhance the experience of using the software. The program, the successor to Internet Explorer, also includes built-in ads that cannot be easily blocked.

While pirating games or publishing ROMs of classic titles is something that virtually everyone in the industry disapproves of, Nintendo often takes a particularly negative view of the practice. Historically, the Japanese company has forced the sites that host ROMs of their games to remove them and has sued many individuals and groups to protect their intellectual property. Last year, Nintendo took legal action against hackers who were selling software that would allow gamers to run pirated content on Switch consoles. Later, a court awarded Nintendo $ 2 million in damages.

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Microsoft Edge apparently hosted many illegal copies of classic Nintendo games, with the software hidden within extensions for the Internet browser. According to The edge, the Edge extension store had what appeared to be pirated copies of games like Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart 64Y Tetris Some of the extensions also contained other hit games like Pac-man Y Minecraft. While most of these titles have now been removed from the Edge store, an official Microsoft account to promote the extensions appeared in a now-removed post that can be seen below. Most of the downloads apparently included ROMs of the original titles and some have been available since at least October 2020. It is also unclear exactly who published the extensions or how many other potential games are still available.

A now deleted Microsoft Tweet about the game extensions.

Those who want to try classic Nintendo games can legally play many of the titles on the Switch. Nintendo offers a special emulator as part of the Switch Online subscription, giving gamers the opportunity to play an expanding catalog of NES and SNES games directly on the console. Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that four new games would be added to the service in the form of Warrior of the Last Judgment. Psycho dream Fire and ice Y Prehistoric man.

Evil groups have often used the extensions to introduce software into web browsers that generally shouldn’t be there. This is because these stores are generally not as closely monitored as other markets. Normally, the official service provider prohibits these illegal expansions; it’s very surprising to see Microsoft apparently openly endorsing these grim emulations of classics Nintendo Titles

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Source: The edge

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