Pokémon: 10 changes the anime made from the games

It is not possible to satisfy all Pokemon fan, as there are many things about anime that annoy game fans and vice versa. It was also not possible to adapt the games exactly as they were for anime, as many things simply do not translate well in this form of media.

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All in all, there have been crucial alterations to the battle system in the making of the anime, while various aspects have also required changes to the plot. Some are more noticeable than others, which makes it important to point them out to separate the differences between anime and games.

10 In the anime, the battles take place in real time

Charizard and Blastoise fight in Pokémon

In games, battles are turn-based rather than allowing players to fight in their spare time using constant attacks. The anime did not follow this path, as the characters can use their Pokémon at any point in the battle to make their moves.

This leads to Pokémon battles turning into a bigger show when their attacks collide, as two moves meet at the same time. Games generally force players to make an attack and then wait for their opponent to do the same.

9 Anime Trainers cannot boost their Pokémon during battles

Ash and Richie fight in Pokémon

In games, a Trainer can use a boost to power up their Pokémon as the battle unfolds. This allows a Pokémon to receive an advantage it did not have upon entering, something the anime has ruled out since Pokémon have the same abilities at all times.

Trainers can instruct a Pokémon to use hidden powers, but they cannot use an advantage that can be administered to the Pokémon, certainly not one that was not revealed before the battle begins. This means that anime Pokémon must have a better relationship with their trainers to win their fights.

8 Anime Pokémon have different personalities

no butter leaves Ash in Pokémon

This became more apparent as Advanced generation progressed, but was available from the beginning. The games feature Pokémon as tools to use in battles rather than presenting distinct personalities to these creatures, while the anime has essentially turned them into powerful pets.

Each Pokémon has been shown to be different from the other, and many are a mix of confidence, shyness, anger, among other emotional ranges. This has led some Pokémon to be closer to their owners than others, as their personalities have coincided.

7 Legendary Pokémon are more common in anime

Legendary pokemon

Legendary Pokémon are a rare sight to see in games, featuring them as a reward for hard work and almost unattainable creatures that one would have to be very skilled to reach. Meanwhile, the anime has even shown Pokémon that predate humanity because Legendary Pokémon are so common.

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The anime also had a Legendary Pokémon in the first episode, with Ash and his friends encountering these creatures on a regular basis in the movies as they are part of the plot rather than used in battles.

6 The anime is exclusively from Ash Ketchum’s point of view

Ash Ketchum

In the anime, everything from the world being explored, to the villains encountered, and everything that may appear has been through Ash Ketchum’s point of view. This basically makes him the stand-in for the audience, as Ash is the one driving the plot.

In the games, there have been multiple protagonists traveling to different regions, with the connection to the audience also minimal, as the focus is on the Pokémon battles rather than forging a backstory of how Ash has benefited.

5 Evolution is the choice of a Pokémon

Raichu and Pikachu in Pokémon

Players were quick to seize the opportunity to evolve their Pokémon in games, as this gives them an instant advantage. The Pokedex entries don’t make that much sense in the anime due to the evolved Pokémon showing up late and Ash finding them after a while.

The anime has shown that evolution is a personal process for Pokémon rather than handing over the decision directly to the trainer. Pokémon have been shown to reject evolution, and Pikachu refuses to go through with the process. Other Pokémon have been overly enthusiastic, such as Ash’s Charmander, which quickly ended up as Charizard.

4 Pokémon are not restricted to individual moves and can create combos

Pikachu attacks in Pokémon

More than a few fans have pointed out how Pikachu shouldn’t have won certain fights against more powerful opponents, but that comes down to the creative use of the fighting techniques employed. This was changed from games where only specific moves can be used.

The anime has shown that external factors also inadvertently come into play, such as the environmental advantages that Pokémon have used in conjunction with their powers. Certain combos have been such that they would never have been possible in games due to the many movement limits in that medium.

3 Pokémon eggs are distinguished from each other

Pokemon Eggs

Pokémon eggs look similar in games, as they aren’t that important to begin with. The anime changed this to reflect the various types of Pokémon even before they hatched, as each Pokémon egg looks different.

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These have also been redesigned as the series progresses as Pokemon eggs have become more expressive in appearance, leaving little ambiguity about what type of Pokemon will hatch.

two Pokémon can really die in the anime

Pokemon death

Being a series aimed at children, the Pokemon The series has not featured death as an option in the games, as the creatures are simply knocked out after battles. The TV series hasn’t changed the look of knocking out in battles, but it has shown death overall.

This has been very rare, but Pokémon have died in the anime, usually as a result of great sacrifice. In recent times, natural death has also been integrated into the plot with the death of certain Pokémon.

1 The ethics of making Pokémon Fight is touched

two pikachus fight in pokemon the first movie

Due to the changing times, Pokemon Anime has also changed over the years. One of the things that has been mentioned, and that never came up in the games, is the ethical aspect of making these creatures fight each other.

While Pokémon have been on board with the idea of ​​fighting, sometimes like Pokémon: the movie have shown the downside of this, as it was claimed that “Pokémon are not made to fight, not like this.” There is a fine line between the Pokémon that choose to fight and are forced to do so in the anime, which was modified in the games where these creatures simply fight based on the player’s preferences.

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