As one of the original housewives in The Real Housewives of New YorkRamona Singer has had a major role in the incredible Upper East Side drama that Bravo has narrated for 12 seasons and counting. Ramona’s eccentric personality, lack of clues, and at times callous nature have drawn criticism from viewers, but she has been an undeniably entertaining presence on the show.

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Ramona has done it with just about every housewife in the franchise, and at times, fans have backed her and defended her actions online. However, Ramona has earned a reputation for misbehaving quite badly in RHONY and many of his most shockingly memorable slights simply cannot be excused.

10 Supported: trying to get Bethenny and Jill to reconcile

RHONY Bethenny Jill

Much of Season 3 chronicled the difficulties that plagued Bethenny and Jill’s once close relationship. Ramona decided to arrange a surprise meeting between Bethenny and Jill to try to get the couple to talk about their problems, and Jill and Luann went to Ramona’s house to pick up some clothes.

Jill accused Ramona of “ambushing her” and setting her up, but Ramona was shocked by the accusation. After all, Jill had tried to arrange a similar meeting between the nemesis Bethenny and Kelly not long before. Although Jill’s surprise was understandable, it was clear that Ramona came from a good place.

9 Too Far: Going Crazy Over Leah’s Dance

RHONY Ramona Leah

One of the most dramatic moments of season 12 took place at Ramona’s much-ridiculed “solo” birthday party. When Luann, Leah, and Dorinda started dancing in a way that Ramona disapproved of, the birthday girl had a breakdown and demanded that the women stop and turn off the cameras.

But in the context of Ramona having ruled over Leah for her drinking and other behaviors all season, it felt burdened for her to target Leah specifically for her seemingly sexual dancing. Ramona’s criticism of Leah seemed especially hypocritical considering her antics (often fueled by alcohol) throughout the series.

8 Supported: The Aviva / Reid fight at St. Barth’s

RHONY Aviva Reid Ramona

Season 5’s trip to St. Barth is perhaps best remembered for the introduction of one of RHONYMost iconic supporting characters – “Pirate” Tomas. But there was a lot of drama even before that scandal, as Aviva said she couldn’t come unless her husband Reid was with her on the flight.

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Ramona and Sonja had a private discussion about how they didn’t like the idea of ​​a husband joining the girls’ trip, and Luann brought it up to Aviva when she and Reid arrived. In reality, Luann instigated the infamous fight between Aviva and Ramona which resulted in the latter being known as “white trash”. There was no reason why Ramona’s private thoughts about Reid’s arrival needed to be aired.

7 Too Far: Insulting Potential Attendees

RHONY Ramona

Although Sonja is the housewife best known for having a large number of employees floating around at all times, Ramona interviewed a second assistant in season 4 and came out quite negatively while doing so.

She criticized what the candidates were wearing and even drew attention to the acne of one of the interviewees, told the young woman that she needed to use Ramona’s skin products and gave her a bottle. It was an embarrassing moment that did not bode well for Ramona’s behavior as an employer.

6 Supported: Jill Appears on Scary Island

RHONY Ramona and Jill

The trip to St. John that Ramona organized in season 3 happens to be one of the wildest Real housewives travel of all time. After the fight between Kelly and Bethenny the night before that resulted in Kelly abruptly leaving for New York, the following form was no less dramatic. Despite telling Ramona she was coming and then abandoning the trip, Jill showed up unannounced at St. John’s Villa.

Jill was devastated that Ramona essentially asked her to leave, but she was on bad terms with three of the four women there, and her excuse of wanting to reconcile with Bethenny (when the two live just a block away in Manhattan) didn’t. made. To hold. As the hostess, Ramona already had her plate full and it was reasonable of her to tell Jill that it was not the time for a visit.

5 Too far: being a nightmare guest

RHONY Ramona's house

It is not a secret to RHONY fans that Ramona can be a terrible guest, a trait that becomes obvious every time housewives choose rooms on a group vacation. But she can also be extremely rude when visiting her friends’ houses, like Heather’s house in the Berkshires in season 6.

Ramona made a fuss for deigning to visit the Berkshires, whom she called a less posh version of the Hamptons. And when he got there, he asked Heather if her house was a garage, ordered the air conditioning delivered, and then left early. And fans can easily remember when Ramona trashed Dorinda’s room in the Berkshires in season 9.

4 Supported: Looking for love

RHONY Ramona

Although he had broken up with Mario almost 5 seasons earlier, the most recent season of RHONY found Ramona struggling with the single life. He was at his most vulnerable in the first episode when he memorably collapsed in a bar with Elyse. Shaking and crying, the housewife spoke about her loneliness and how she wanted to have a partner who would hug her at night.

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Although Ramona can be a challenging presence on the show and it can be hard to feel sorry for her, it was a moment where she tugged at the heartstrings of fans.

3 Too far: trying to go to school Heather on the mark

RHONY Ramona and Heather

The lengthy planning and launch of Sonja’s toaster oven was a major story dating back to season 5. At one point, Sonja decided to bring in Heather and her colleague James to design a logo for the product. His first meeting with the marketers was not very good, but for whatever reason, he decided to bring Ramona for the second meeting.

Ramona’s rudeness was on display when she interrupted the meeting multiple times, interrupted Heather, gave unnecessary opinions, and received a phone call in the middle of the discussions. She claimed that Heather was intimidated by her own success as a businesswoman, but in fact, Ramona’s lack of professionalism pushed her to the limit.

two Supported: Mario’s Cheating Scandal

RHONY Ramona Mario Cheating Scandal

One of Ramona’s most painful stories on the show involved the revelation of her husband Mario’s affair. At the season 6 reunion, she denied there was anything wrong with their marriage, but the next day she announced their split on Twitter.

In the following season, and especially in the premiere episode, she explored in depth the effects of the divorce on herself and Avery, memorably trusting Sonja and Dorinda. Later in season 7, the housewives celebrated Ramona’s first birthday in a long time with a trip to Atlantic City. It was a tough couple of seasons for Ramona, and the fans were able to absolutely sympathize.

1 Too far: attacking Kristen with a glass of wine

RHONY Ramona Kristen Attack Wine Glass

In season 6, Ramona lost her temper over a petty dispute and crossed a huge line. The girls were out on a Berkshires lake in a couple of canoes, and after Kristen and Heather jumped into the water, Ramona started talking trash about Kristen with Sonja and Carole.

But when Kristen, still in the water, surprised Ramona with a retaliatory splash, Ramona responded by throwing her (plastic) wine glass at Kristen’s face and then throwing a paddle at her fellow housewife. The shocking incident resulted in a split lip for Kristen.

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