Real New York Housewives: 5 Times Fans Supported Sonja (& 5 Times She Goed Too Far)

Sonja Morgan joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New York in season 3 and immediately caused a sensation. Over the years, the blonde bombshell has gone from being the glamorous and hilarious Lady Morgan to one of the craziest cast members on Real housewives history. Sonja has always been a fan favorite on RHONY, due in large part to her lighthearted personality, charming naivety, and willingness to be the butt of joke.

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Although she has been involved in many conflicts, fans have often supported the generally well-intentioned businesswoman. But Sonja also had her fair share of setbacks on the long-running reality show, from disrespecting a housewife who was helping her with a product launch to being patronizing of her co-stars.

10 Supported: Steal The Show At The Big Apple Circus

Sonja RHONY at Big Apple Circus

One of Sonja’s most legendary moments from season 11 took place when Tinsley landed a special role in a performance at Big Apple Circus, and Sonja was later invited on stage as a guest. Fans were pleasantly surprised that Sonja stepped into the ring and gave it her all, performing multiple somersaults and participating in an extended skit that culminated in spitting water in her co-star’s face.

It wasn’t the first time in the series that Sonja overshadowed a fellow housewife, considering her infamous wardrobe malfunction at Luann’s cabaret in season 10.

9 Too far: not letting Simon speak at the marriage march

RHONY Sonja Marriage March

One of the most perplexing fights of season 4 began when Sonja was asked to be the Grand Marshal in the New York Marriage Equality Parade. Although Simon had already been invited to speak at the event, it was revealed that Sonja had requested to be the sole speaker and refused to allow Simon to speak even when asked.

This slight was part of a pattern of Sonja making the day completely on herself. Watching Sonja say “this is my day” over and over again makes for one of her most embarrassing moments, and Alex was right to point out that Sonja was distracting from the cause.

8 Supported: Tom denies his relationship

RHONY Tom and Sonja

One of Luann’s main arcs after her divorce from the Count concerned her relationship with Tom D’Agostino, a bachelor who had a history with not one but two additional housewives. While he and Ramona agreed that they had been out on a couple of dates and hadn’t gone anywhere, he and Sonja had different interpretations of their previous relationship.

While Sonja claimed that they had dated casually or had been “friends with benefits” over the years, Tom denied it and claimed that they had only gone out to dinner once. Sonja was clearly hurt by Tom’s disavowal, but particularly after Tom’s affair was exposed, fans felt that Sonja had been telling the truth the entire time.

7 Too Far: Disrespecting Heather at Toaster Oven Photoshoot

RHONY Sonja in a photoshoot

The launch of Sonja’s toaster oven in season 5 was one of Housewife’s silliest, albeit most iconic, plots. New homemaker Heather offered her services as a marketer to Sonja, but later regretted the generous decision.

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After several difficult meetings about generating logos for the toaster oven, Heather organized a photo shoot. Although she hired a model and staff and purchased a product for the shoot, Sonja was an hour late. She was clearly difficult to work with and she despised Heather’s professional opinion. To make matters worse, he even had the gall to downplay Heather’s contributions after the fact.

6 Supported: Her Caburlesque

RHONY Sonja Carberlesque

RHONY fans know that Sonja loves to be the center of attention, whether at a party or on a real stage. In season 6, fans saw his acting skills on display for the first time while preparing for a “Caburlesque” performance in the Hamptons.

The routine itself was one of Sonja’s most iconic moments on the series, as well as one of Housewife’s funniest. While some audience members (like Aviva’s friend Amanda) didn’t think much of the show, it was clear that Sonja loved herself and it was a lot of fun to watch. The Caburlesque also foreshadowed his repeated appearances at Luann’s cabaret several seasons later.

5 Too far: tell Cindy there was a pecking order

RHONY Sonja arguing

Although he had only been a cast member for a year after joining RHONY In season 3, Sonja Morgan had a few words to choose for new housewife Cindy Barshop at the beginning of season 4. Cindy always seemed too normal for housewives antics, and this was shown when Sonja invited Cindy over. to have tea to instruct her in the “hierarchical order” that operates in the group.

With Ramona at the top of the heap according to Sonja, it was disrespectful that Cindy didn’t drink Ramona’s infamous drink of choice, pinot grigio, at her party in Quogue. It was a ridiculous and condescending conversation, with Sonja trading her usual effervescence for a haughty demeanor.

4 Supported: Ramona telling her to lose weight

RHONY Ramona and Sonja

Sonja and Ramona seem to have been friends forever and, at best, they form an effervescent duo who liven up any situation with a youthful and irreverent charm. That said, the pair also have a history of fighting and hurting each other’s feelings, and it was no different in season 12.

When Leah took the housewives to a Russian bathhouse, Ramona told Sonja that she should lose 10 pounds, and Sonja was clearly hurt and offended by Ramona’s embarrassment. But Sonja diplomatically replied that she is beautiful in any size, and fans have backed her.

3 Too Far: Hiring Unpaid Interns

RHONY Sonja Intern

One of Sonja’s recurring stories on the show centers on a rotating cast of interns that Sonja hires to do all sorts of tasks around her business and at home. Although many of her fellow housewives question Sonja’s need for so many interns, she argues that her contributions are much needed.

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So, it is far from good looks for her to have offered most of her young staff’s course credits and no financial compensation. Of course, interns always took the positions willingly, but these were clearly quite demanding. A paid internship program would have been a much fairer arrangement.

two Supported: Ramona didn’t invite her to her birthday lunch

RHONY Ramona and Sonja

In season 11, Sonja was hurt that Ramona, despite being one of her best friends, did not invite her to a lavish birthday celebration. Ramona claimed that she had no control over the lunch guest list and that a group of friends who were not in Sonja’s circle were attending. However, both Sonja and Dorinda were friends with the hostess who was organizing the event for Ramona.

Later, the footage revealed that the hostess had asked Ramona if she should invite Sonja over, and Ramona said no. It was a shocking moment when Ramona seemed to devalue her long-standing friendship with Sonja and a moment when Sonja had the unanimous support of fans.

1 Too Far: Creating a Drunk Girl

RHONY Sonja Tipsy Girl

Housewives are known for their absurd business ventures, and the ladies of RHONY they are no exception. Sonja certainly has a history of wacky product launches, but the one she drew the most anger throughout the series was Tipsy Girl, a line of sparkling pink.

When Skinnygirl founder Bethenny found out about the supposed “copycat brand,” she broke into Sonja’s office and told the shocked businesswoman that she wanted nothing to do with her. Bethenny was right to be insulted by the inexplicable affair, but luckily for Sonja, the couple was able to reconcile later.

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