At Laid Back Camp, Chiaki is ready to go on her own Lake Yamanaka camping adventure, but she’s not ready for the freezing weather.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Laid Back Camp Season 2 Episode 6, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Relaxed campRin Shima has been an expert camper for years, so her new friends are determined to prove that they can go on a wonderful camping trip without depending on her so often. Rin has been a great help, but Chiaki, Nadeshiko and the others shouldn’t use training wheels forever. Time to visit Lake Yamanaka, without Rin’s help.

Right now, Nadeshiko and Rin are busy with their part-time jobs, so Chiaki plans a new camping trip with Ena Saito and Aoi Inuyama, and the three girls have finally reached the lake. They have a great view of Mt. Fuji from here, but things are about to get scarier than ever in this typically quiet series. Winter camps are not to be taken lightly.

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Chikai and the girls ALMOST freeze

chiaki ena camp relaxed

Lake Yamanaka is a lovely place to camp, even on a cold January day, and this time Chiaki and her friends are (mostly) prepared. They raised the cash to buy much-needed camping equipment like folding tents and a tarp, and the girls are confident they can do it. The tents are set up without problems, and with a tarp on top, there will be no snow or rain falling on the tents. Chiaki shows off her makeshift hammock – she can sit on a taller camp chair, then put her feet up on a short, and Ena and Aoi are impressed. Ena doesn’t have her own seat, however Chiaki lends her one of his “hammock” to be fair.

But there is a problem: it is getting Really Chilly as the afternoon creeps towards sunset, and at some distance, Rin Shima notices the weather of Yamanaka on her phone. It’s -15 degrees Celsius, or about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and the girls are not prepared for that level of freezing weather. Chiaki and the others are already shivering despite their blankets and coats in the afternoon sun, and they don’t have enough gear for the frigid night, not even large hand warmers or firewood. Chiaki in a panic hurries to find a convenience store, but it is a long walk on foot, and Aoi and Ena cannot find natural firewood as night falls.

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Other campers save the day

large relaxed camping tent

Fortunately, there are other campers around Lake Yamanaka who invite girls to join them in a fairly large tent. An older man and a younger woman (probably their daughter) are comfortable in a huge tent, complete with a metal stove and fireplace, and Ena and Aoi are welcome inside to rest from the winter night. The girls had met the lady and her dog Choko before, but they never expected to need their help. By the time Chiaki finally returns, she’s alarmed to find her own uninhabited campground, but her friends soon call her at the neighboring store and the party is complete. Time to eat.

Motsu hot pot with ramen is on the menu tonight, and the kind older man is putting the finishing touches on the delicious meal. Chiaki doesn’t mind giving up her kiritanpo hot pot idea in exchange for this. Then another friend joins the party: Minabi Toba, who received a text message from Rin warning her about the weather. Minami gently reprimands the three girls for going to winter camp without taking all the necessary precautions, and Chiaki takes it seriously. Otherwise though, it’s a night of fun and games, though once again, Minami has too much sake and calls Rin in a drunken haze.

The next morning Chiaki and her friends are in a good mood as the sunrise and feel like they have grown a bit as campers. They can’t trust Rin forever, and learning to camp will come with some growing pains, like this cold night. That’s perfectly fine, and in other places, Nadeshiko feels quite ambitious. She informs Rin over the phone that she is ready to go on her own solo camping trip. What adventures await us?

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