Ryan Reynolds shares “lost” letter about Deadpool joining MCU

Ryan Reynolds celebrates the fifth anniversary of Deadpool’s release by sharing a “lost” letter jokingly about Deadpool joining the MCU.

Ryan Reynolds jokes about Deadpool joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a “lost” fan letter to celebrate dead PoolIt is the fifth anniversary. 20th Century Fox benefited greatly from taking what was perceived as a risky endeavor by releasing an R-rated superhero movie in 2016. However, dead Pool It turned out to be a huge hit when it finally hit theaters after a brilliant marketing campaign. The film dominated the box office, was a critical success, and quickly released a new one. X Men adjacent franchise for Fox.

Fast forward five years and the dead Pool The franchise is in a very different place. Deadpool 2 It was another money-making machine for Fox, but the future of the show changed once Fox began discussing a sale to Disney. While fans were concerned, this meant that dead Pool The franchise ended, it has finally been confirmed that this will not be the case. Marvel Studios is working with Ryan Reynolds to develop Deadpool 3, which will be rated R and fully integrated into the MCU. It’s impossible to imagine this was in the cards when the first movie hit theaters, and now Ryan Reynolds is having fun joking about how unlikely it seemed.

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In honor of dead PoolOn the fifth anniversary, Ryan Reynolds shared a letter he received from a fan in 2016. But, the dead Pool Star also now posts the reply that somehow was never sent to the fan. The reply letter is clearly a joke Reynolds just wrote, as it contains multiple jokes about how often he dead Pool the sequels would arrive and how unfathomable Deadpool was to join the MCU.

It’s pretty clear that Reynolds’ response letter is a joke with its references to the Fyre Festival and Tom Brady will never leave the New England Patriots. Even saying that he wouldn’t start any other business and that he only likes beer are obvious jokes, as Reynolds has other business ventures like Mint Mobile and started his own spirits company, Aviation American Gin. He and Blake Lively have also had a third child since then. Also, his comments on hugs and handshakes in 2020 clearly tie into the COVID-19 pandemic, while Vine was the big social media app at the time.

Although Reynolds dead Pool The letter is a joke, his actual thoughts on Deadpool as part of the MCU in 2016 were probably not far off. It was inconceivable that dead Pool It wouldn’t be a huge franchise of its own and it would stay away from the family-friendly Disney brand. Instead of getting Deadpool 3 For 2020, Reynolds and Marvel do not plan to start production until 2022 due to their busy schedule. This should mean that the next dead Pool can be released sometime in 2023 and make dreams of the Merc with a Mouth that exists in the MCU come true.

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