Shazam’s new dark power helps him murder heroes

Shazam’s dark new powers are bad news for his fellow heroes, as they discover in Future State: Trailers for DC Comics’ Shazam # 2.

Warning! Spoilers for Future State: Shazam # 2.

In the dark future of DC Shazam he is responsible for killing some of his closest allies. While his evil twist is shocking and completely out of place, Shazam is about to gain new dark powers that make him an even more threat to those who used to be closest to him – the magical hero somehow gained the ability to block in the world. greatest telepaths.

DC Future state The initiative takes place in a dark timeline where new and old heroes and villains emerge. One of the Darkest Futures belongs to Shazam, as he works with a small group of heroes that include Vixen, the new Question, and Jakeem Thunder. Despite being their leader, something is wrong with him. In the first issue of the series, it is revealed that Billy and Shazam were separated by Neron (the lord of hell) in an effort to stop Raven from unleashing the four horsemen of the apocalypse after it was suggested that she couldn’t be in two places. at once. . However, with Billy staying in Hell to prevent evil from escaping, Shazam seemed to slowly corrupt himself by arrangement. There are a series of mysterious deaths, which the evidence later shows were committed by the magical hero. But why would he kill his friends?

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New previews of Future State: Shazam # 2 by Tim Sheridan, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Marcelo Maiolo, shows that the forces of evil are desperately trying to escape, as Billy Batson is the only person standing in their way.

Future Shazam Powers of the State

Future Shazam Powers of the State

Future Shazam Powers of the State

On Earth, things are not much better for the other half of Billy. Your teammate’s fight over what to do with the hero. They know that Shazam killed some of his friends and locked him in a magically reinforced room that could “withstand the force of Hercules”. When Miss Martian, one of the best telepaths in the universe, tries to read his mind, she can’t. Powerhouse says “I thought you could read everyone,” to which the Martian replies, “me too.” Shazam has shown some skill before to fight telepaths, but Miss Martian? It is a completely different level. Explain how Shazam avoided detection during his murder spree.

Future Shazam Powers of the State

Vixen interrogates Shazam about the deaths of Jakeem, Creeper, Martian Manhunter, and Deathstroke. As the last panel closes in on his eyes, Shazam sees Vixen and one of the beasts currently locked up with Billy. Is this a hallucination or does Shazam now have the power to see the secret darkness that lurks in the shadows? Whatever the answer, it doesn’t bode well for everyone involved.

Shazam is clearly not in control of his actions like Neron, or some other force has been controlling him to commit the deadly attacks. With the cover teasing Raven’s return, it’s likely things to Shazam they are about to get worse before they get better. As for your teammates, without the ability to read your mind, they are completely in the dark about what will happen next, which will surely not be pleasant. Future State: Shazam Issue 2 will be in comic book stores later this week.

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