Although he’s an independent leading man, Simon Pegg has co-starred in some of the biggest box office hits of the past few years, and these are his highest-grossing films yet.

Simon Pegg is a hugely popular actor who comes from relatively small beginnings. Known primarily for his work with creative partners Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, Pegg made his way into the film business starring Spacing and the beloved Cornetto trilogy (the third of which debuted to Pegg’s stardom).

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While Pegg is a great leading man, very few of his films are truly big box office hits and the ones that mostly feature him in a supporting role, second or third after some of the biggest movie stars on the planet.

10 Hot Fuzz (2007) – $ 80 million

Hot fluff

Hot fluff It is by far the most commercially successful film of the Cornetto trilogy. Serving as the second entry in the baggy trilogy, Hot fluff It mainly serves as a loving parody of the cop buddy genre. The film performed well in the domestic market, opening at no. 6 with $ 5.8 million from 825 theaters. Hot fluff He finished his domestic career with $ 23.6 million, but performed much better in the international market, raising $ 57.1 million for a combined total of $ 80.7 million.

9 Star Trek Beyond (2016) – $ 343 million

Simon Pegg in Star Trek Beyond

The third movie in the rebooted. Star trek movie series, Star Trek beyond it was actually co-written by Pegg and Doug Jung. Unfortunately, it served as the least successful film in the trilogy. The movie opened at # 1 at $ 59.2 million, but he spent just four weeks in the top ten before ending his national career with a disappointing $ 158.8 million. I like Hot fluff, performed slightly better in the international market, generating $ 184.6 million for a combined total of $ 343.4 million.

8 The Adventures of Tintin (2011) – $ 374 million

Thompson and Thomson in Tintin

Simon Pegg has a small role in Steven Spielberg’s animated epic The Adventures of Tintin. He and his friend / creative partner Nick Frost voice the identical bumbling police detectives Thomson and Thompson. The film was a great disappointment in the domestic market, opening at no. 5 over the long Christmas weekend with just $ 15.1 million. The film ended its run with a measly $ 77.5 million, but the strong gross of $ 296 million from international markets brought the gross total to $ 373.9 million.

7 Star Trek (2009) – $ 385 million

Simon Pegg as Montgomery

Co-produced and directed by JJ Abrams, Star trek served as a highly anticipated reboot of the much-loved sci-fi franchise. Starring Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, and Simon Pegg as Scotty, Star trek it garnered solid reviews and performed relatively well at the box office.

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The movie opened at # 1 at $ 75.2 million and spent five weeks in the top five before finishing with $ 257.7 million. It raised an additional $ 127.9 million internationally, resulting in a gross total of $ 385.6 million.

6 Mission: Impossible III (2006) – $ 398 million

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames

Following the critical disappointment of Mission: Impossible II, the third entry in the long-running series put the franchise back on track with a thrilling story, some exceptional action sequences, and a typically charismatic Tom Cruise twist. Pegg also made his presentation as IMF technician Benji Dunn. The movie passed two weeks at no. 1 before ending his national career with $ 133.3 million. It raised another $ 264.4 million in the international market, resulting in a worldwide total of $ 398.4 million.

5 Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) – $ 467 million

Simon Pegg in Star Trek Into Darkness

First Star trek the movie did quite well and brought a lot of goodwill towards the series. Serving as a direct follow-up, Star trek in the dark was once again directed by JJ Abrams and saw the thrilling performance of Benedict Cumberbatch as legendary Star trek the villain Khan. This film served as the reverse of its predecessor, raising more in the international market ($ 238.5 million) than in the national market ($ 228.7 million). Fortunately, the much stronger international performance resulted in a much higher global gross income of $ 467.3 million.

4 Ready Player One (2018) – $ 582 million

Pegg met with director Steven Spielberg to Ready Player One, which was based on Ernest Cline’s beloved science fiction novel of the same name. Pegg plays Ogden Morrow, the creator of a virtual reality system known as OASIS.

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The film premiered over Easter weekend. at 1 at $ 47 million before ending his national career on a decent, if not spectacular, $ 136.9 million. Fortunately, the film performed much better in the international market, grossing $ 445 million for a combined worldwide total of $ 582.8 million.

3 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) – $ 682 million

Simon Pegg in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Serving as the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible series, Rogue Nation served as Pegg’s third round as Benji Dunn. His role was significantly expanded from before Mission Impossible Movie (s. The movie passed two weeks at no. 1, generating $ 107.7 million during those two weeks before ending his national career with $ 195 million. The other $ 487 million from international markets combined for a gross world total of $ 682.7 million. It was a solid box office performance, but a slight drop compared to its predecessor.

two Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) – $ 694 million

The fourth entry in the Mission Impossible Serie, Phantom Protocol proved to be significantly more successful than Mission: Impossible III. Pegg also enjoyed a more robust role as Benji Dunn due to his recent promotion to field agent. The film spent two weeks in first place (both the long Christmas and New Years weekends) before ending its domestic run with a solid $ 209.3 million. It raised another $ 485 million in the international market, generating a worldwide total of $ 694.7 million. It was the highest grossing Mission Impossible film for seven years.

1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) – $ 791 million

When Mission: Impossible – Fallout was released in the summer of 2018, Tom Cruise was 56 years old. Despite this, he kicked more butt than most actors half his age, and the result was a spectacular cinematic event that garnered strong reviews and a very respectable box office performance. Launched with great enthusiasm and an enthusiastic critical reception, Fall out It opened at # 1 with $ 61.2 million before finishing with $ 220 million. His international performance of $ 570 million combined for a gross worldwide gross of $ 791.1 million, by far the best commercial performance of a Mission Impossible movie.

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