Single: All the songs Matt is listening to on Rachael’s Spotify playlist

Recently star of The Bachelor Matt James was caught by fans listening to contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s Spotify playlist, leading them to speculate that Rachael does indeed win Matt’s heart in the end. Rachael recently had her first one-on-one date with Matt, where he pampered her while shopping for designer items. The other girls in the house envied Rachael when she came back from the date with her arms full of shopping bags and a grin from ear to ear.

After the end of filming, Rachael created a Spotify Playlist titled “Night Drive”, which includes 78 songs selected by her. At the time of writing, the playlist has 1,694 followers, one of whom is Matt James. So what is it about Rachael’s playlist that makes fans think that she could be the future Mrs. James? Here is a breakdown of some of the songs that Matt has been listening to.

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‘Nothing But You’ – Devault with Donnie Sloan, Ricky Ducati

Relevant letters: “There is a sadness that creeps, Every time you are away “

One of the 78 songs on Rachael’s playlist is “Nothing But You”, a song that talks about the feelings of being away from a loved one. If Rachael and Matt break up together, it makes sense for her to add this song to the playlist. These specific lyrics describe the sadness you can feel being away from Matt.

‘Honest’ – San Holo

Relevant letters: “How can I try to keep it hidden?”

Since the show is not filmed in real time, Matt James and the lucky woman who won his heart have kept their new relationship hidden. They will continue to do so until the final episode. When two people are in a new relationship, they usually want to flaunt it everywhere. Nevertheless, Single couples can’t do that. These lyrics fit perfectly into that difficult situation.

‘Feel No Ways’ – Drake

Relevant letters: I had to let us go to show me what I could do

While some songs on the playlist hint that Rachael and Matt are together, others make fans question the prediction. Reality Steve recently revealed that Matt is not proposing to Rachael. However, they still end up together. Maybe he’s only partially right and Matt and Rachael don’t even end up together.

‘Thinking of you’ – R3HAB and Winona Oak

Relevant letters: “Thinking of you, I don’t want to let you go, I never want to let you go”

With Reality Steve’s latest prediction, this song could explain Rachael’s emotions when Matt didn’t propose to her. Perhaps she questioned her relationship with him, wanting to leave, but still having feelings for the Single. In the end, this song certainly makes it sound like she decided to stay and hang out with her man.

‘Gimme Love’ – Joji

Relevant letters: “It hurts, I can’t lie”

Be in The Bachelor comes with many lies. After filming ends, contestants cannot share information about the show before it airs on television. Whether Rachael breaks up with Matt or not, whatever the outcome is for her is hard to hide from the world. Whether she’s in love or suffering from heartbreak, Rachael can’t bear to lie.

‘See the way’ – Chainsmokers

Relevant letters: “Keep my cards on my chest and I never let anyone know me”

One of the biggest things about Matt James this season has been vulnerability. He has encouraged every girl to open up to him by breaking down all of her walls. For some women it has been easy, while for others it has taken much more effort. This song from Chainsmokers is perfect for those women who may have had a hard time opening up with Matt.

‘2099’ – Charlie XCX

Relevant letters: “Silence, no arguments, please be quiet”

Despite being a rumored finalist, Rachael has been quite the controversial contestant this season. She has been involved in numerous rumors, including one that accused her of brown fishing. Maybe this Charlie XCX song is Rachael’s way of asking people to stop the rumors about her.

‘Slide Away’ – Miley Cyrus

Relevant letters: Once upon a time, it was made for us, I woke up one day, it had turned to dust

Could Rachael hint that she and Matt got along, but then they called things off? They seemed to have fitted in quite well during their recent date, as they were both smiling non-stop. However, these lyrics lead fans to believe that things got worse for both of them.

‘Turn around’ – SANTOS

Relevant letters: When I look into your eyes, I can tell that, I can tell you that you never loved me

While there is no doubt that Matt was completely in love with Rachael, perhaps he ultimately did not feel the same in return for her. Reality Steve predicted that she is one of the finalists, but maybe Rachael won’t be the one who completely wins Matt’s heart in the end.

Rachael’s Spotify playlist is definitely leaving fans with mixed feelings and questioning her predictions for the rest of this season of The Bachelor. Below is the full list of songs on Rachael’s playlist.

  1. “Deadcrush” – alt-J
  2. “Cola Falls” – The Mary Onettes
  3. “Hope” – The Chainsmokers
  4. “Stop” – Sir Sly
  5. “Night Girls” – The districts
  6. “Shoulders” – Golden Vessel
  7. “Dream” – Timecope1983
  8. “Black Out Days” – Phantogram
  9. “Beautiful” -Viigo
  10. “Tiny Cities” – Flume, Beck
  11. “Nothing but you” – Devault
  12. “Say good night” – Aash Mehta
  13. “I need you” – M83
  14. “Grapefruit” – Yuno
  15. “Highway Tune” – Greta Van Fleet
  16. “Deep in a Dream of You” – Joey Percoraro
  17. “Salmon, water” – ford.
  18. “Everything and nothing”: boom circuits
  19. “Take a Chance (feat Little Dragon)” – Flume
  20. “Drop The Game” – Flume, Chet Faker
  21. “Bloom” – ODESZA
  22. “The One” – Ritual, Skizzy Mars
  23. “Cross You Out (with Sky Ferraira)” – Charli XCX
  24. “Water Garden” – Super Duper
  25. “YDU (pluko Remix)” – Opia
  26. “Joshua Tree” – Cautious Clay
  27. “Rushing Back” – Flume, Vera Blue
  28. “Funeral” – Miguel
  29. “Fast Talk (Still Woozy Remix)” – Houses
  30. “Got you” – Duke Dumont
  31. “Dark room” – Ten dream
  32. “See the road” – The Chainsmokers
  33. “ATM” – Oliver Tree
  34. “Downtown (Alex Cruz & Brascon Remix)” – Majical Cloudz
  35. “2099 (with Troye Sivan)” – Charlie XCX
  36. “Blinding Lights” – The Weeknd
  37. “Chills (Party Pupils Remix)” – Mickey Valen
  38. “I love you” – Alison Wonderland
  39. “When I’m Small” – Phantogram
  40. “Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR)” – Whethan
  41. “Closer” – Nuages
  42. “Switch (DEVAULT Remix)” – 6LACK
  43. “Like Water (feat. MNDR)” – Flume
  44. “Submarine” – RÜfüs DU SOL
  45. “Midnight City” – M83
  46. “All my life” – Texada
  47. “Bleak Bake” – King Krule
  48. “Wasted On You” – Louis Futon, ROZES
  49. “When I Arrive” – ​​Big Wild
  50. “Honest” – San Holo
  51. “Pools (drank)” – Kendrick Lamar
  52. “After Hours”: The Weeknd
  53. “Sunburn” – DROELOE
  54. “Feel No Ways” – Drake
  55. “Feel Real” – Deptford Goth
  56. “Hey Moon” – John Maus
  57. “Lil Baby” – Sam Austins
  58. “I love you.” – Good
  59. “Slide Away” – Miley Cyrus
  60. “Reflection” – SAINt JHN
  61. “Low”: TRACE
  62. “Gimme Love” – ​​Joji
  63. “Thinking of you (with Winona Oak)” – R3HAB
  64. “Sex money feelings die” -Lykke Li
  65. “My girl” – Oshi
  66. “On my mind” – Alice Ivy
  67. “Quiver (feat. Lonas)” – Super Duper
  68. “Doin ‘it Right (feat. Panda Bear)” – Daft Punk
  69. “Just Breathe” – Crooked Colors
  70. “Your man” – Joji
  71. “D-vocean” – Eastghost
  72. “Little lies” – HATE
  73. “Tequila Shots” – Kid Cudi
  74. “Trojan Horse” – Sebastian Paul
  75. “Punching in a Dream”: The Naked and Famous
  76. “Turn around” – SANTOS
  77. “Blinding my vision” – K. Roosevelt
  78. “Everytime” – Medasin, Naomi Wild

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC

Source: Spotify, R3HAB / Youtube, Charlie XCX / Youtube, San Holo / Youtube

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