Single: Fans like Katie, but prefer these other women for the bachelorette party

Bachelor fans like Katie Thurston as the next Bachelorette, but they would also see Abigail Heringer, Bri Springs or Michelle Young in the role.

The Bachelor Viewers were recently shocked by rumors that Katie Thurston could be the next High school Lead. Insiders have been claiming that Katie has already been chosen as the leader of High school season 17. Even though it featured an inspiring personality on screen, many fans don’t seem impressed with this decision, if it turns out to be true. In fact, they are suggesting other options to ABC that they would like to see as the next Bachelorette party.

Katie came in The Bachelor season 25 like a breath of fresh air. She had everyone’s attention from the very first episode when she held a vibrator while introducing herself to Matt James. There were many fans who thought she would only be seen as a comic relief, but this bank marketing manager turned out to be the most compassionate person of the season. When some girls were being bullied in the house, he confronted people like Queen Victoria Larson, confronted them, and called them out. Katie didn’t back down and fearlessly asked Matt to take over the drama.

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While some fans are happy with this decision, there are also some The Bachelor fans who want the network to reconsider their choice. According to a Reddit thread that discussed these rumors, most fans are happy for Katie, but some want other women to be High school. Fans wrote things like: “I wish it was Michelle “”, I was waiting for Abigail,” Y “I am disappointed but not surprised. I like Katie, but I would have preferred Bri, Abigail, Jessenia or Chelsea.

Some fans think the producers only featured Katie speaking out against bullies, claiming other women like Bri Springs were uncomfortable with the bullying, but that wasn’t as explored. The producers apparently edited the footage so that Katie can be portrayed as the next female lead. One fan commented: “We know that Bri was the first to comfort Sarah (Trott), simply frustrating that the producers pushed for a narrative.

Some fans also raised concerns that ABC should have cast a woman of color as the next lead. However, the jury is still out on whether Katie will be the next protagonist, because it seems that Katie herself is not aware of this latest news. The Bachelor foundry.

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