Single: fans react and have mixed feelings about Chris Harrison’s departure as host

The Bachelor Nation is divided following Chris Harrison’s decision to take time off the program. Some feel that Chris did nothing wrong.

While many Single Fans are condemning host Chris Harrison for his comments, with some questioning his decision to take a break from the show following his recent racially insensitive interview. Some viewers expect Chris to take responsibility for his words and actions; others actually do not agree with your decision or with the warning you have received.

Earlier this month, photos resurfaced on the internet of Single Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell reportedly attended a 2018 “Old South” dance. The Bachelor Nation quickly took to social media to criticize the rumored finalist. Disgusted by their actions, they waited for an apology from Rachael. Before receiving a statement from Rachael about the controversy, the Bachelor Nation was once again disappointed when host Chris Harrison defended Rachael’s past actions. Many even requested that the show fire Chris.

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Although fans may not have fully gotten what they wanted, they are excited to learn that Chris Harrison will be out of the franchise for some time. Many took to Twitter celebrate, exclaiming, “We did it. “A fan wrote”society has progressed beyond the need for Chris Harrison. “While they are happy with his departure, they are not surprised by his actions. In fact, many expected this from Chris even though he is seen as a highly scripted person due to his appearances on the show. Some fans were actually older. angry about the way Chris defended Rachael’s past actions rather than his own actions. Aside from his recent insensitive comments, Chris doesn’t offer much to the show other than being the host for so long. Chris usually only appears on the show for a few minutes in each episode. They are already discussing who they would like to replace Chris, including Rachel Lindsay.

Others at the Bachelor Nation strongly disagreed with Chris’s decision to take time off the show. In a discussion thread on Reddit, users discussed whether Chris and Rachael really deserved the amount of criticism they are getting. One user explained that as a person of color, he does not believe that “they deserve the level of intensity thrown at them.“They felt that there is a lot these people can do by following their actions in addition to”go hide. “Many agreed”to cancel culture is to go too far. ” One fan even pointed out that after the end of each season, they usually forget about the contestants who appeared on the show. They said they don’t watch the show because of the “politics, covid and everything related to social justice“It has been lately.

The view that Chris did nothing wrong or that the show is too focused on social justice is further proof that there is still a lot of work to be done. What Chris said to Rachel hurt her and much of the Bachelor Nation. While it doesn’t need to be “cancelled,” you need to acknowledge your role as more than just a front man for this franchise if you are ever to return.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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