Controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah, the latest developer, has denied allegations that the game is a recruiting tool for the United States military.

A developer behind the resurrected FPS Six days in Fallujah has come to light to deny allegations that the game, which follows a squad of Marines during the Second Battle of Fallujah in real life, is intended to be used as a recruiting tool for the United States military. . The allegations that the game was meant to entice younger players to enlist in military service, which is often glorified in military-themed FPS games, is another point of contention in the title’s development history that is now. riddled with controversy.

Although Six days in Fallujah was originally announced in 2009 by then-publisher Konami for a 2010 release, the overreaction and subsequent controversy over the game’s content caused it to be postponed for several years as it was passed off as a political hot potato from a developer and publisher. to another. The controversy grew out of the real-life and equally controversial offensive against Al Qaeda insurgents stationed in the city of Fallujah that influenced the game, that is, because the battle itself resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties and added to the ire of those who believed that the United States had no reason to be in Iraq in the first place. As a result, Iraqi war veterans were quick to condemn the game when it was first announced, and although it was reportedly completed in 2010, the resulting backlash meant it would likely never hit shelves.

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But in a surprise move Six days in Fallujah I managed to find a publisher willing to take on the challenge, along with a new developer, as the game and its assets are now over a decade old and the original developer Atomic Games is no more. Developer Highwire Games will bring Six days on the ninth generation of consoles, while Victura, which was founded by former Atomic Games CEO Peter Tamte, will bring the game to the shelves sometime in 2021. But Tamte’s continued involvement may have caused other problems: like PlayStation lifestyle reported, there have been reports that the game will be used as a recruiting tool for the United States Army and other military branches. The allegations stemmed from the fact that Tamte had previously received money from the CIA while he was active as CEO of Atomic Games to develop training simulations for the CIA and the FBI. Victura made a statement on the game’s website clarifying that the military was not involved in the production of Six days in Fallujahand that the game was not designed to be a recruiting tool..

The US government is not involved in creating the game, nor are there any plans to use it for recruitment. The Iraqi Marines, soldiers, and civilians who assisted us participated as private citizens, and the game is independently funded.. “

Both new parties promise to pay the utmost respect to the theme of the game and present stories that involve both soldiers and civilians to help players understand the true cost of the Second Battle of Fallujah, but those who are already suspicious of the game’s existence they remain unconvinced. . Highwire Games added that players won’t always play the game as an American soldier and take on the role of an Iraqi citizen, which may help give the game a more balanced approach, but of course that remains to be seen. .

The Second Battle of Fallujah may be further back in the past than it was when Six days in Fallujah it was first announced, but the renewed controversy over its release shows that the wounds of the battle and the Iraq war itself have only just begun to heal fully. While games like Battlefield show that games based on real warfare can work well, it would be better to let a few decades go by first, because the furor over Six days for those who remember that Fallujah is highly unlikely to calm down before its launch.

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