Snake Eyes: The Iconic GI Joe Ninja Is Finally Changing His Look

In the latest issue of the Snake Eyes: Deadgame miniseries, the GI Joe team member has once again changed his iconic uniform.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Rob Leifeld and Chad Bowers’ Snake Eyes: Deadgame # 4, on sale now.

There are few GI Joe’s who look as iconic as Snake Eyes. Dressed from head to toe in solid black, Snake Eyes presents an imposing and easily recognizable figure to both fellow Joe’s and members of Cobra. But in Snake Eyes: Deadgame # 4 the silent ninja dons a new outfit that eliminates his trademark style.

While searching for a weapon to help him defeat the ancient ninja wizard Kirigun, Snake Eyes travels to Eismitte, Greenland. The countryside is desolate and barren, with miles of ice and snow surrounding it on all sides. Being both a Joe and a ninja, Snake Eye knows that he will need a special suit to help him blend in with his surroundings and survive the freezing temperatures.

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In a big break from his traditional black suit, Snake Eyes dons an all-white suit on his snow adventures. This is a very obvious decision that you must make for both stealth and survival, but it is literally the polar opposite of what you always wear. Snake Eye’s archrival, the Cobra Storm Shadow ninja, wears his entire body in white, so historically it makes sense why Snake Eyes has never worn this color before.

Unfortunately, Snake Eye’s adherence to stealth does not pay off well, as he is attacked by undead warriors rising from the ice and frost. After defeating the frozen warriors, Snake Eyes launches into battle again almost immediately when a giant polar bear attacks him. Snake Eyes manages to defeat the bear, but not before his large claws rip his white suit leaving him in his usual black suit. It’s a shame, because the new white look suits Snake Eyes well. While it’s just a color change without changing the physical design of his suit, white is a nice change of pace for Snake Eyes that works as a stark contrast to his classic look. The fact that white is the iconic color for Storm Shadow means that Snake Eyes will probably not return to this outfit after this mission.

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However, this is not the first time that Snake Eyes has changed his outfit. In Snake Eyes: Deadgame # 2 Snake Eyes dons a red suit to replace the black one. The circumstances were very different for Snake Eyes then; The red suit was not a choice that he himself made, but one that Kirigun made while unconscious. Like his white suit, the red suit did not last long, as it was also destroyed fairly quickly in battle.

It is common for some heroes to change their outfits over the years. Sometimes it’s for defense and technology upgrades; sometimes it is to keep up with the hottest trends. But for Snake Eyes, his iconic black suit serves his purpose to perfection in both style and function. It’s perfect for stealth, offers full body protection, and hides your face. Snake Eyes doesn’t need any additional gadgets or add-ons for him or his costume, so he doesn’t need major modifications to his main design. While his two color changes were interesting, both changes to his suit ended in the same way, with the return of the classic black suit.

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