SNL parodies Trump’s impeachment with Minions and Jar-Jar Binks

Saturday Night Live taunted Donald Trump’s defense team at his second impeachment hearing with a video featuring Jar Jar Binks and the Minions.

Saturday night live poked fun at Donald Trump’s second impeachment with an edited video that included clips from the Minions and Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars. This was a nod to a questionable video produced by the former president’s lawyers as part of his defense, which included recordings of several prominent Democrats repeatedly saying the word “fight.”

Before ending his only term as president of the United States, Donald Trump was indicted a second time by the House of Representatives for insurrection. It was the assertion by the Representatives who brought the charges that he had incited a riot during a speech on January 6, 2021, which led to a violent mob storming the Capitol with the intention of stopping the official recognition of the Congress of the United States. results of the 2020 election, which confirmed Joseph Biden as the 46th president. While the former president was easily impeached in the Lower House of Representatives, the Constitution of the United States requires that impeachment take place within the Senate and that two-thirds of senators must vote in favor of impeachment for it to result. in a conviction and / or removal from office. As a result, the Senate hearings were a foregone conclusion, as it seemed highly unlikely that Republicans would break ranks with their party to vote against the former president and secure a conviction.

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The opening sketch of the last Saturday night live The episode made reference to the ridiculous tone that the Senate trial had acquired, with a parody of the Fox News program. Tucker carlson tonight. Alex Moffat played the titular host, who interviewed several Republican senators about how pleased they were with the trial, before showing footage of the “winning” defense. The footage poked fun at how ill-prepared the former president’s attorneys appeared to be and one of the strangest points of the defense, which held that the former president’s political rivals were equally responsible for encouraging violence, with a montage of random clips. of prominent Democrats saying what word “struggle. “The sketch can be viewed in its entirety below, with the montage beginning at the 5:13 mark.

While it was difficult to overstate the absurdity of this moment, Saturday night live he did his best by inserting other clips of people saying the word “struggle“in the montage of clips of Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. These included Lady Gaga singing the word”struggle“As part of” The Star-Spangled Banner “in the inauguration of President Joseph Biden, Brad Pit (as Tyler Durden) in a clip of Fight club, a scene from the first Karate kid movie and a slap fight between two of the Minions from Despicable Me which was encouraged by his fellow Minions chanting the word “struggle. “The montage concluded with Jar Jar Binks saying”Gungans don’t die without a fight“and defense attorney Michael van der Veen (played by Pete Davidson) testifying”Meesa rest my case. “

While Saturday night live made light of impeachment with these clips from Star Wars Y Minions, this dark chapter in American history cannot be easily mocked. The Senate hearing was a farce bigger than anything Loren Michaels has produced in 46 seasons of Saturday night live. Fortunately, while the Senate may have failed in its duty, there is nothing they can do to protect the former president from the trials that await him in numerous state criminal courts and it seems certain that the name of Donald Trump will only live in infamy. .

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