Southern Charm: Why Fans Can’t Get Enough of Madison LeCroy’s Dramas

Southern Charm fans can’t get enough of the Madison LeCroy drama from the past few months. Take a look at the drama that has taken place with Madison.

Madison LeCroy of Southern charm he’s been involved in quite a bit of drama in recent months, and fans can’t get enough of it. Not only did he spill some tea about a previous affair with former NFL player Jay Cutler, but word got out that he also had a virtual relationship with former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

Before the seventh season of the popular Bravo series aired, Madison was not the controversial character that she is now. While the show represented the ups and downs of her relationship with now-ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll, Madison was never seen as a villain. It wasn’t until there was an off-screen drama between Madison, Austen, and their co-star, Craig Conover. The drama was brought up during the season seven reunion, and Craig brought up the fact that Madison had an inappropriate relationship with a “married former MLB player. “The drama keeps coming and fans of Southern charm I can not get enough.

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The 30-year-old professional stylist began to get caught up in the drama once she confirmed that she and Austen were officially over. Madison confirmed to Us weekly in December 2020 that she was “1,000 percent single“after her split from Austen. The reality star admitted that the reason for the split had a lot to do with the quarantine, especially after seeing what their day-to-day was like. She suddenly realized that the couple was in two different places in life. And she no longer felt like the relationship could go anywhere. Plus, she was disappointed in the way he handled the COVID-19 pandemic. A week after she announced their breakup, Craig Conover shared a series of Instagram stories of him and Austen in Nashville hanging out with Kristin Cavallari and her best friend, Justin Anderson. During an Instagram Live that same night, Kristin is seen on Austen’s shoulders dancing with Craig as Justin dances with them. The videos sparked romance rumors between Kristin and Austen, which they both flatly denied. Madison did not seem to believe them, as she later came out with a new rumored romance of her own.

In January 2020, Madison was shy in an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when asked about her alleged relationship with Kristin’s ex-husband Jay Cutler. Before Madison could confirm a relationship with him, Kristin and Jay shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “The world is full of users. 10 years. I can’t break that, “which was probably a shadow to Madison after she alluded to their relationship in WWHL. This prompted Madison to share a series of text messages from Jay on Instagram to prove that he was the one chasing her and not the other way around. Shortly after Madison exposed her receipts, another scandal began to brew after a clip from the second part of the Southern charm meeting was launched. Craig revealed that Madison had been texting a former married MLB player, who was later revealed to be A-Rod. While Craig alleged that they had an intimate relationship, Madison rejected those rumors claiming that she was never physical with him and that the relationship was virtual. According to an informant from Reality announcement, “It was definitely not strictly platonic.“They continued.”I know they talked about dating in person, but it never worked. She kept blaming them for not encountering the pandemic.. Madison insists that he never physically cheated on his fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, and that their conversations were never consistent.

This isn’t the first time Madison has been rumored to be dating famous athletes. She had an affair with Jessie James Decker’s husband, Eric Decker, which she denied, as well as a relationship with former baseball star Andruw Jones. Fans are only expecting more drama from Madison when season eight airs.

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