Spider-Man: 10 Times Peter Parker Didn’t Know His Own Strength

Peter Parker, also known as The Amazing Spider-Man, is a friendly, selfless cobweb-thrower and crime fighter who uses his superhuman abilities for good. There have been times when Peter himself did not know the depth of his strength; in those moments he draws his power from something deeper within him.

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Whether it’s a battle that required more physical stamina or mental stamina, Peter Parker always runs his race to the finish. Watching these moments is a study not only of physical strength but also of your perseverance through the test. Shows what Peter Parker is made of.

10 When he fought Crusher Hogan

Incredible Fantasy # 15 (Stan Lee and Steve Ditko) is the first flex of Peter’s powers and his first appearance in the comics. On this important issue, he faces Crusher Hogan, a fighter who instead of respecting the end of his successful career, incited the audience by insulting and challenging them to three minutes in the ring with him in exchange for a cash prize.

Peter Parker, newly minted with his spider powers, accepts it. He dons a quick-build mask to conceal his identity and goes for victory. It’s an experiment for Peter; Not knowing the depth of his strength or powers, he confronts the Hogan to find out, beating Hogan and humiliating him in the process.

9 When he fought the Alien disguise

When he fought the alien costume in Web of Spider-Man # 1

In Spider-Man’s Web # 1 (Louise Simonson, Greg LaRocque, Jim Mooney, George Roussos and Janice Chiang), Peter feels that something is about to catch him. He just broke up with Black Cat and doesn’t realize the alien costume is back and is hiding in plain sight as one of his Spider-Man costumes. He tries to free himself from the symbiote but the fight seems futile.

Spider-Man comes to understand that the symbiote can read his mind and that is what makes breaking free so difficult. He goes so far as to beg the symbiote to stop the fight, or else they will both be killed by the Vulturions (one of whom has seen Spider-Man fight himself). The symbiote starts fighting him again and they go through a church, landing on a steeple and Peter hopes that the pain from the church bells will force the symbiote to let go. It’s a strange story, but it definitely shows a lot of mental and physical strength that Peter doesn’t seem to know he had.

8 When he regained control of his body

When he regained control of his body in the Superior Spider-Man story,

At Superior Spider-Man In the story, Otto Octavius ​​changes his mind with Peter Parker so that he does not cease to exist. So when his body died, his mind continued to exist in Peter Parker’s body.

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Peter comes to himself, demonstrates it to Carlie Cooper, and immediately goes around town to try and stop the Green Goblin. Before taking any physical action, she calls her Aunt May. The fact that he has the presence of mind and the determination to get back to what he does as Spider-Man, without taking a moment to recover, shows a lot of strength.

7 When you returned from early retirement

In Amazing Spider-Man # 50 (Stan Lee and John Romita), Peter stops being Spider-Man due to the overwhelming hatred he receives from the community. He gets to throw his costume in the trash and a boy finds it, takes it to J. Jonah Jameson and Jameson keeps it in his office.

While Peter lives as a free man, the Kingpin bubbles up on the gallows of society, creating all kinds of trouble for New York City. What makes him turn around and retrieve the mantle is to see an older man who reminded him of his Uncle Ben being attacked by criminals. He realizes within himself that he cannot renounce his identity, and shows an inner strength that surpasses the murder of the character that Jameson unleashed on him.

6 When Spider-Man goes through overwhelming pressure

When Spider-Man goes through overwhelming pressure in The Amazing Spider-Man # 630

The Amazing Spider-Man # 630 (Zeb Wells, Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Jaime Mendoza, Antonio Fabela and Joe Caramagna), is part of the construction of the conflict and the tension that is brewing in the life of Spider-Man, since all the villains of Spider- Man fire their shots. months apart.

His rogues launch their attacks in their own way, displaying strength in a way that they favor, adding to the mounting pressure Peter faces as Spider-Man. In issue 330, seen as one of the best Spider-Man arcs of all time, Peter’s personal life and finances are a mess (he’s unemployed) and yet he still pops up, suffering disappointment after disappointment and struggling. for his city and the people in it. That is an incredible show of strength that goes beyond the physical.

5 When Kraven the hunter buries him six feet underground

In Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt (JM DeMatteis, Mike Zeck, Bob McLeod, Rick Parker and Bob Sharen) Kraven the Hunter finds Spider-Man, shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, and buries him underground. In the two weeks he’s off duty, Kraven dons a Spider-Man copycat costume and commits violent attacks on other criminals.

The fighting spirit in Spider-Man is hard to match, as he recovers and makes his way out of the grave. There is a lot going on in this story (including Kraven unleashing Vermin in Spider-Man) but the heart of this story is that Peter Parker is a persistent hero.

4 When he refused to kill Norman Osborn

When he refused to kill Norman Osborn in Peter Parker: Spider-Man # 44-47

Peter Parker: Spider-Man # 44-47 (Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos) is a demonstration of physical strength and moderation. When Norman Osborn can’t make Peter his heir, he starts trying to goad Peter to kill him by making public clips of Gwen Stacy’s death and saying that her death happened because Spider-Man was selfish and that made Flash Thompson have a drunk car. accident and be in a coma.

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Ultimately, when Spider-Man and Norman Osborn come face to face in an Osborn warehouse, Spider-Man defeats Osborn, but despite being told by Norman himself to finish the job, he refuses to do so. Instead, he offers an arrangement between himself and Norman; knowing that Norman cannot kill his own grandson, and Peter knows that the dream he had means that Norman will never win.

3 When he goes crazy after a murderer shoots Aunt May

Peter is fuming in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 539

In Amazing Spider-Man # 539 (J. Michael Straczynski, Ron Garney and Bill Reinhold) Peter Parker has registered his identity with the United States government and shared it with the world through a televised press conference. Then, deciding that he doesn’t want to follow the line of Tony Stark and the government, he has been hiding and living on the sidelines in a sleazy hotel with his wife Mary Jane and Aunt May.

So when everyone finds out about Peter’s true identity, Kingpin too. He hires a hit in Parker / Spider-Man, and when the hit is attempted, Peter manages to push Mary Jane away, but not Aunt May. When Aunt May is shot, Peter goes crazy. He races outside, flips huge vehicles, operates on adrenaline and rage attacks, and really shows what he can do when pushed.

two When he unmasked himself on national television

In Civil war (2006) # 2 (Mark Millar and Steve McNiven), all of Marvel’s beloved superhuman superheroes have to choose sides. Spider-Man’s identity secret is so integral to his character that when he made the decision to unmask himself on national television, it was a big deal.

He did it to support the Superhumans Registration Act, which greatly divided superhumans and superheroes alike. Peter revealing himself as Spider-Man was incredibly strong and courageous because it opened him up as a person to the opinions of the general public. Unfortunately for him, the outcome of this decision was not good.

1 When he doubted his own strength after a crushing defeat

In The Amazing Spider-Man # 31-33 (Steve Ditko and Stan Lee), Spider-Man has just experienced a crushing loss in hand-to-hand combat with Doctor Octopus. He finds himself trapped under tons of industrial metal, and while he’s trapped there, his hope of getting out alive begins to drop rapidly.

He’s tired, mentally, emotionally, and physically, and for a moment it seems like he’s going to give up. But it doesn’t; The spirits of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May appear, and he manages to free himself from the crushing pile of metal. It was a very important moment. Still, after that moment, he certainly learned that he doesn’t give up and fight to the end and beyond.

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