Star Wars Yoda mastered a Force power, which was the secret behind his fighting skills. However, Jedi often preached against the dangerous ability.

Jedi Master Yoda was as well known for his prowess in battle as he was for his wisdom, but his fighting skills were derived from a dangerous Force ability: Force vision. Yoda used a form of Force vision fighting called Battle Precognition, a power that was known to various Force-sensitive individuals in Star Wars canon and Legends. However, Yoda actually preached against using this power, saying that it is dangerous, yet he used it and it was his greatest asset.

“Sharing the Same Face” by Jason Fry from The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark shows Yoda’s Battle Precognition in action, as he takes down a unit of Separatist droids. This passage described that the Force carried Yoda’s body “like a flowing river”, while the Jedi Master predicted the future movements of the droids.

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“Yoda let the Force flow through him, asking him to lift him up and give him the speed that age had taken from him,” the passage says. He felt the Force energies around him and moving through him, carrying him like a rushing river. The droids weren’t a threat; he could see their every move before it happened, and there weren’t enough to overwhelm his consciousness. or their reflections. Laughing, he ran on a coral branch above them. “

Although Yoda often used Force visions while participating in battle, he also cautioned against relying on these premonitions. The Jedi believed that the visions of the Force were not absolute and could be interpreted in different ways. They were also wary of the ways that emotions often clouded the interpretations and judgments of those experiencing visions of the Force, as it could easily lead to the Dark Side. Before Anakin Skywalker’s fall in Revenge of the Sith, Yoda warned the Jedi Knight about the fear caused by these visions. “You must be careful when feeling the future, Anakin. The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side,” Yoda explained.

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Some people in Star Wars canon were capable of using a form of Force visions similar to Yoda’s Precognition of Battle. Anakin used Battle Precognition as a way to stay one step ahead of his enemies like Jedi and Sith. In the novelization of The Phantom Menace, Anakin used this ability while piloting a spaceship during the Battle of Naboo. “[Anakin] he could see what no one else could, what was hidden from everyone else, “describes the passage.” He reacted without thinking, responding to a voice that spoke only to him, always whispering about the future while protecting him in the present. “

The Chiss species were also known to use a form of Force precognition to help them navigate space in the Unknown Regions, helping them find and map temporary hyperlanes. Unfortunately, this ability faded as the Chiss aged and their strongest users were children.

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Dooku's fight against Yoda in Attack of the Clones

Various Jedi and Sith in Legends he had visions of the Force on a small scale in the form of “feelings or senses.” Obi-Wan Kenobi had premonitions of the Force, experiencing them as a “little voice” that helped guide his actions, which was a skill he learned from Qui-Gon Jinn. Luke and Leia also felt premonitions and warnings of danger through the Force. A number of LegendsCharacters from the expanded universe such as Echani, Darth Revan, Jedi Meetra Surik, and Skere Kaan of the Brotherhood of Darkness used a form of Battle Precognition similar to Yoda’s.

Although visions of the Force were dangerous in the wrong hands, Yoda mastered these abilities by controlling his emotions. By keeping his mind clear, Yoda was able to use his Battle Precognition as an extension of the Force, rather than a path to the Dark Side.

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