Suicide Squad 2: James Gunn Can’t Wait To Share Margot Robbie’s New Version Of Harley

James Gunn pokes fun at Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn in this year’s The Suicide Squad, saying he’s excited for fans to see what she’s done.

James Gunn teases Margot Robbie’s upcoming performance as Harley Quinn this year The suicide squad. Acting as a semi-sequel, semi-reboot of 2016 Suicide squad Gunn’s highly anticipated film will feature a new Task Force X as they embark on a dangerous mission, though some familiar faces from the first installment will return. This includes Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and yes, Harley Quinn. Apart from them, however, The suicide squad It will be populated by new faces like Peacemaker (John Cena), Bloodsport (Idris Elba) and Thinker (Peter Capaldi).

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The suicide squad It will be Robbie’s third big screen appearance as Harley, following the original. Suicide squad and last year Birds of prey. Although 2016 Suicide squad garnered mixed responses from fans and critics, Robbie’s performance as Harley was easily the most positive part of the DC movie. At that time, numerous projects starring Harley were developed, but some have been a long time coming. However, Gunn has continually promoted The suicide squadThe representation of Harley, which promises to be different from the previous one.

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On Saturday, Gunn participated in one of his fans’ question and answer sessions on social media and revealed some new facts about The suicide squad. Gunn was asked by a fan which character the audience is most excited to see. Gunn acknowledged that it is difficult to distinguish a person, but said that he is very anxious for people “see where margot has gone with harley. “He also added that Sean Gunn’s Weasel is”really something to behold. “

The suicide squad It has a robust and star-studded cast, so it makes sense that Gunn would have a hard time picking the one he’s most excited about. Some characters have already been selected as MVPs, such as the Peacemaker from Cena, who will lead his own spinoff series. Now it’s clear that Harley is going to steal the show again, thanks to Robbie’s performance. Plus, Weasel could be a surprising standout. It will be quite interesting to see who else will grab the audience’s attention in The suicide squad.

Based on Gunn’s comments, it looks like Robbie is taking Harley to new places. Since Robbie has already played the savage antihero twice before, she probably feels more confident in the role and therefore more willing to try some new things. Birds of prey already presented a great new Harley, and whenever The suicide squad builds on that in a clever way, fans will be delighted. Perhaps Robbie’s new address for Harley will be revealed once The suicide squad finally drops his first trailer, which Gunn recently told fans to be patient. Hopefully, that wait won’t last much longer.

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Source: James Gunn/Twitter

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