Suicide Squad’s coolest gadget now belongs to Grifter

Deadshot’s coolest gadget from the Suicide Squad movie just appeared in Future State in the hands of an unlikely hero, but he uses it well.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Future State: Dark Detective # 3!

Future State has turned Gotham City into a war zone, and with the magistrate getting better at killing masked heroes, the vigilantes must use whatever they can. For Grifter, that includes Deadshot’s coolest gadget in the world. Suicide squad movie.

As possibly Gotham City’s Wildest Masked Man, Grifter He’s one of the lesser-known characters in DC’s library, but his small but passionate fanbase has made him something of a cult hero. That said, hero can be a strong term to describe Grifter. Created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi in 1992 as a member of the WildC.ATs, a team of super spies, Grifter’s backstory was later reconfigured in DC’s New 52, ​​turning him into a special ops soldier turned con man. Grifter, whose real name is Cole Cash, exists in a more moral gray area than many of DC’s other heroes. Deep down, he’s got a good heart, but that doesn’t stop him from constantly scamming people, which has gotten him into more trouble than ever at Future State.

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Problems # 1 and # 3 of Future state: dark detective feature stories in the last pages starring Grifter, who is recruited by Luke Fox to help him try to escape Gotham, a difficult task considering the city is currently on lockdown thanks to Future State’s evil army, the Magistrate. Fortunately, Grifter knows someone who can help. Lead Luke to the Huntress, a Birds of Prey character and vigilante wanted in Gotham. Unfortunately, the Magistrate follows closely behind, forcing Luke, Grifter, and Huntress to boldly escape. As they chase them, Grifter uses a high-tech eyepiece on his mask to aim some explosives and set off his pursuers. It’s a pretty amazing moment, but the question arises: where did Grifter get his gear?

While it’s never explicitly mentioned in the issue, a strong theory is that Grifter’s eyepiece once belonged to Deadshot, a mercenary and member of the DC Suicide Squad. At Suicide squad film, Deadshot uses a very similar device to identify his targets and calculate distances, bounce points, and more to make sure he always gets the perfect shot. With Deadshot officially assassinated at DC Comics, it seems likely that Grifter got his eyepiece on the black market. Considering the speed at which the Magistrate is hunting masks, it makes sense that some of the vigilante equipment ends up being sold on the street, where Grifter could easily get his hands on it.

At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a guess. It’s equally possible that Grifter’s eyepiece has no connection whatsoever to Deadshot, but it’s definitely fun to imagine, especially considering the visual similarities.

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