Superboy: how the son of Lois and Superman was really born

Superman and Lois Lane’s son seemed to come out of nowhere, but Jon Kent’s birth was far more complicated than anyone expected.

Jonathan Samuel Kent, son of Superman and Lois Lane, was a popular character from the moment he was first introduced. The concept of Superman having a child, having the opportunity to impart all the love and wisdom that his parents raised him with, as well as giving your child an easier time to grow up with powers due to his own experience, all of that. added a new facet to the complexities of the Man of Steel.

But getting Jon Kent fully into the proper historical continuity was not easy and required multiple retcons, resulting in his original birth being replaced with one that conformed to the precise history of the DC Universe.

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Now, biologically speaking, Lois and Clark shouldn’t have conceived a child if the situation had been normal for them, but Jon’s birth coincided with the “Convergence” story in 2015. During this event, Brainiac gained access to the Vanishing Point, allowing you to observe past stories of the DC Universe. He ended up stranding parts of these stories on the planet Telos, forcing them to live in domed cities for nearly a year before finally giving them a chance at freedom. There’s a certain irony to that, as Jon was born inside a domed city and ended up bottling one in “Future State.”

But, returning to normal, time under the dome suppressed Superman’s powers, allowing him and his wife to conceive a child. Nine months passed and as Lois approached her due date, the domes finally fell. Brainiac had decided to give the timelines a chance to compete with each other to earn the right to live. Lois herself was kidnapped by a deranged Flashpoint Superman before being rescued by her Clark. She delivered her baby safely inside the Batcave shortly after.

But obviously they couldn’t raise a child, much less a child with superpowers, in this environment. So, Superman, his family, and several other heroes agreed to help stabilize Brainiac by preventing the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Perez to release all other stories. With their world destroyed in the process, the family of three were relocated to the beginning of the New 52 universe, where they decided to remain in hiding for the next several years, so as not to inadvertently steal or ruin the lives of their younger counterparts. .

But this created an inconsistency in the timeline. Yes, Jon grew up like any normal child, knew the heroes of the world and admired them like many other children his age, without suspecting that he actually came from that world of extraordinary individuals. All of this changed when he began to manifest his powers around the age of ten. With no alternative, his parents revealed the truth to him, and soon after, Jon became the new Superboy.

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He was part of the universe, but did not originally come from it. This eventually changed during the “Superman Reborn” story arc. When Jon was abducted by Mr. Mxyzptlk, the boy accidentally transformed his parents into his New 52 counterparts, who had by then died. They did not remember him at first, but Jon managed to communicate with them, becoming the savior himself. This fused the New 52 parents with their post-crisis selves, creating a new story for their homeworld and establishing that Jon had always been a part of it.

In this new timeline, Jon was conceived shortly after his parents married. When Lois had problems with some smugglers, Clark moved her to the Fortress of Solitude to give her a safe environment to have the baby. So while Lois was in labor, aided by her husband and Kelex, Batman and Wonder Woman stood guard outside the fortress, unwilling to allow the possibility of an attack to ruin such a special moment for their friends. Jon was born safe and his new place was established as part of the timeline.

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