Supergirl: The 5 Most (and 5 Least) Realistic Stories

The CW Supergirl is fast approaching its final season. Over the years, the show has become quite a phenomenon. With a huge contribution to the Arrowverse, Kara Danvers and the Supergirl team have developed and evolved tremendously throughout the series’ timeline. As the end nears, it’s important to revisit some of the classic stories that were explored in the DC project.

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The idea of ​​realism in a comic book property can sometimes lead a franchise down a dark and rough road, or perhaps it will be completely ignored in favor of exaggerated moments inspired by the source material. Supergirl However, he managed to create an interesting balance, combining personal and deeply emotional stories with less realistic superhero sequences.

10 Less realistic: the legion

The concept of the Legion of Super-Heroes dates back to the comics. This is a graphic novel-based show, after all, so not everything will be scientifically accurate; sometimes elements of Supergirl require the audience to simply suspend their disbelief. The arrival of this heroic time-traveling team was definitely one of those occasions.

The Legion is made up of a group of super powerful individuals from the future. With Mon-El, a former partner whose relationship with Kara was severed too soon, the team also bragged about the alien Brainiac 5, the powerful Saturn Girl alongside Computer Lad / Toyman Whin Schott, who left their own time for the 31st century.

9 More realistic: virtual reality

Virtual Reality Supergirl ALex

Supergirl He’s also tried to combine real-world issues and developments, linking them to the villain of the week’s masterful plot. For Alex Danvers, it was sucked into research involving a new virtual reality technology.

The show’s technology is a variation on where virtual reality could take it in the future, in the real world. Alex transformed into a version of Supergirl in the virtual world, but was unable to escape. His research demonstrated the negative effects of living in the digital age, although it is true that some criminal manipulations also put the lives of users of this technology at risk.

8 Less realistic: Reign

The main villains of season 3 of the show were the World Killers. Ancient alien beings who wanted to cause hell on Earth, the group was mainly led by Reign. The criminally underrated Samantha Arias didn’t realize that she was actually living a double life.

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Sam would switch between being one of Kara’s closest friends and her arch nemesis, Reign. The story was far from realistic, yet it was incredibly compelling to see Supergirl face enemies of equal power as her; as well as learning a little more about the history of Krypton.

7 More realistic: Alex’s personal journey

Supergirl Alex Danvers Chyler Leigh

Of all the characters on the show, Alex Danvers has been on the most emotionally challenging journey. Her own personal arc has seen her promoted and degraded, struggling with her desire to start a family and come to understand her own sexuality.

In one of the most powerful episodes of Supergirl, Alex told his sister Kara, after beginning to question who she really was. Many praised the scene for its authentic representation of the moment; This overall story is perhaps one of the most realistic and moving on the show.

6 Less realistic: Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Arrowverse had been preparing for a much larger crossover event for quite some time. Comics have gotten used to bringing together the heroes of the DC Universe and the cinematic equivalent has started to follow suit. Crisis on Infinite Earths it is far from realistic.

With the involvement of the Multiverse, time travel, alien threats, and superpowers galore, this story of the end of reality and the beginning of a new chapter on Earth-Prime is certainly incredible. Nonetheless, audiences loved the opportunity to see these iconic characters reunite on screen once again.

5 More realistic: J’onn J’onzz Parental Role

Alex and Kara grew up in a relatively traditional home until their father disappeared. This was something they struggled with for some time, and their return to the show only complicated their feelings about it. However, there has been a narrative that has shown the importance of family.

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Over time, J’onn J’onzz has become the father figure to Alex and Kara that they needed. This is a deeply moving story and one the show has drawn on as the Kryptonian, Martian, and human continue to work on their makeshift family, with J’onn providing plenty of love and guidance.

4 Less realistic: Mxy

Mxyzptlk is an iconic villain from the pages of DC Comics. Known as an imp, much like the Bat-Mite from Bruce Wayne’s corner of the universe, Mxy actually uses 5th dimensional energy to impact reality found on Earth.

The character has appeared a couple of times, sporting different appearances. Before falling in love with Supergirl, he again repairs his mistakes by helping her identify how she could change her life for the better. It goes without saying that all of this reality warping isn’t exactly something that could happen in the real world.

3 More realistic: Agent Liberty

The best fights of Supergirl They occur when the Girl of Steel is paired up against someone with an equally powerful set of abilities. Having said that, the most pressing conflicts take place when there are personal risks attached to them.

Agent Freedom’s attacks demonstrate what could happen in the real world if aliens actually lived among the human population. Prejudice, hatred and propaganda combine to create a dangerous political situation; one based on legitimate events from all of history.

two Less realistic: Music Meister

Supergirl Flash Crossover Duet Music Meister Explained

The appearance of the Music Meister created one of the most imaginative crossovers in the show. The combination of Supergirl and Flash, along with this musical reality, meant that audiences could see these characters in a completely different light.

The Music Meister certainly deserved more screen time on the Arrowverse, although its appearance prompted performances of classic songs like Moon River and original creations like Super Friends. The cast Joy The background was certainly put to good use here in this fantastic episode.

1 More realistic: Kara’s journalism

Throughout Supergirl The show has made it very clear that Kara is not only a highly respected superhero, but she is also a talented and highly experienced journalist. The series has tried its best to focus on the success of his career and his numerous investigations.

Often times these coincide with the villains’ much larger plots, though it’s important to Kara’s character development to see her thrive at work. This also creates a real duality between her life as a Kryptonian warrior and her more human everyday existence.

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