Superman: 10 stories that could have retired the character forever

Superman is one of the greatest heroes in the history of comics. For more than eighty years, he has had adventures that have thrilled fans around the world. His origins have been told and retelled many times over the years, but Superman barely has an ending to his narrative.

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Superman’s battle is often called endless, but that doesn’t mean he can’t give up. While he is extremely difficult to kill, death is not the only way his story ends. There are many ways that Superman could enter the sunset one last time and some stories seemed to be heading in that direction.

10 The death of New 52 Superman

The New 52 had its ups and downs, and no character better exemplifies that than Superman. The quality of the new 52 Superman stories, from the heights of Morrison Action comics to the depths of stories like “Doomed” and “H’el On Earth”, it felt like the New 52 in the microcosm. Towards the end of the controversial editorial initiative, the decision was made to kill the New 52 version of the character.

While it’s hard to imagine the Rebirth era without a Superman, it would also have been a good time to wrap things up, as the Rebirth versions of the characters were still the New 52 versions and the introduction of the later version.Crisis The Kent family unnecessarily complicated things. Killing Superman would have been a bold move, one that could have heralded a new era for DC.

9 Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis It may seem like an odd place to end the Superman story, but it also makes perfect sense when it comes to that. The crux of the story was all about the heroes of the DC Universe losing their way, giving in to despair and fighting each other. As things progressed, they learned to work together and to trust each other again. At the end of the story, Superman became powerless.

Superman was always the guiding light of the DC Universe, so many of the problems heroes had in history could be put to his feet because he did not direct them. With the loss of his powers, Superman could have easily backed off and let others take over, dedicating himself to a quiet life with Lois.

8 Superman: the last son of Krypton

Superman Last Son Of Krypton cropped

Superman: the last son of Krypton was a count of Superman II, bring General Zod back to the DCU for the first time in years and rekindle the rivalry between the two Kryptonians. A big difference between the movie and the comic was the introduction of the son of Zod. The boy was the first to escape the Phantom Zone and Lois and Clark took him in to raise him.

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At the end of the story, their son was returned to Zod when he was sent back to the Phantom Zone, but in reality this is something quite terrible for a child. If they had kept the boy, whom they named Christopher, it would have been a perfect time for Superman to give up the costume and teach Christopher about his powers and a life outside of the Phantom Zone.

7 Superman: Lois and Clark

Lois Lane gives birth to Jon Kent

Convergence It wasn’t a universally loved event, but it did have some bright spots, one of which was Superman: Lois and Clark. Starring the post-Crisis versions of Superman and Lois, was the story that introduced Jon Kent to the DCU, a move that would herald many changes in the years to come. However, giving Lois and Clark a child is the best way to culminate their story.

Having a child is a great life-changing event. Anyone who has owned one knows how long it takes. Superman wouldn’t have that much time to go out and save the world if he and Lois had a child. This would have been a great place to finish off your story.

6 Kingdom come

Kingdom Come DC Comics

Kingdom come is one of the most beloved DC comics of the ’90s and showed a future where the heroes fans were familiar with had been pushed out of the spotlight by a newer and more violent race. Superman and the Justice League would reform to teach the world what being a hero was all about, but even that action would have apocalyptic consequences.

The story ended with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman ready to lead again in a calmer manner. Wonder Woman and Superman were even expecting a baby. However, the happy ending would not last long. A sequel, The kingdom, I’d watch Gog go after Superman. There really was no need for the sequel, as the story had ended in the perfect place.

5 When Lois and Clark got married

The ’90s were a pretty tumultuous time for Superman, with death, power swings, and Superman Red & Blue. One of the biggest changes was the marriage between Lois and Clark. Actually, this could have been a perfect opportunity to end Clark’s story as Superman.

Dedicating himself to being a reporter and husband would have been a nice change. Also, at the time, there were several heroes affiliated with Superman who could have taken his place, such as Superboy, Supergirl, and Steel. It would have been a move that not only made sense, it would not have left Metropolis without a protector.

4 Crisis on Infinite Earths

Earth 2 Superman kills The Anti Monitor Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths it was the greatest conflict the heroes of the DC Multiverse had ever faced. In the end, Earth-2 Superman, the original Superman of Action Comics # 1 He was the hero who ended the threat of the Anti-Monitor and was taken to a paradise dimension with his wife Lois, the Superboy from Earth-Prime, and Alexander Luthor from Earth-3.

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This was the end of his story until Infinite Crisis, when Earth-2 Superman was retired due to the machinations of Luthor and Superboy-Prime, and both he and Lois were killed in the resulting conflict. While Infinite Crisis It was a great story, if any character deserved retirement, that was the Superman of the Golden Age, the original superhero.

3 The death of superman

The title of The death of superman Says it all: In this blockbuster story, Superman lost his life saving Metropolis from the Doomsday beast. While death in comics is usually a revolving door, that doesn’t mean it has to be, and keeping Superman dead would have had a huge impact on both DC Comics and the industry as a whole.

It would have forced the writers to find a credible replacement for the Man of Steel, working to create a new star. It could have meant a new way of looking at a character’s death, finally closing the revolving door of death and rebirth that rob comics of their narrative weight.

two “What happened to the man of tomorrow?”

Action Comics # 583 cover detail

“What happened to the man of tomorrow?” is a classic Superman story that was meant to be the end of the Silver Age Superman as Crisis on Infinite Earths I was about to restart everything. By telling the story of Superman’s last battle against his greatest enemies, this epic written by Alan Moore saw the end of Superman.

While the upcoming reboot was always set in stone, this story is truly an astonishing ending to the Superman mythos, closing everything down and putting a bow. No one would have been so mad if the Superman stories ended here.

1 Superman All-Star

Superman All-Star

Considered by many to be the best Superman story of all time, Superman All-Star saw Lex Luthor finally defeat the Man of Steel, causing his imminent death. Superman would then do his best to put his affairs in order and leave the world in a better place. The end of the story would see him go to the sun to save him and save Earth from Luthor’s plot.

However, writer Grant Morrison linked the work to his other DC work, including the underrated 1998 even DC a million, who saw Superman rise out of the sun to help defeat the Tyrant Sun Solaris, ending his retirement.

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