It goes without saying that movies based on children’s games aren’t exactly the most famous and acclaimed movies ever made. Another movie in the same general wheelhouse, The emoji movie, a movie about mobile phone / social media icons, is more acclaimed than the myriad of movies based on children’s games, but there are still a few that are worth watching, especially when looking for family-friendly features.

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And production for these types of movies doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as there’s even a Rubik’s Cube movie in development. Regardless of the critical acclaim, there is a lot to love about most of them, and some of them are so bad they’re good.

10 Dragons and Dungeons (2000)

Based on the famous role-playing game, the idea of ​​making a Dungeons and Dragons The movie sounds easy enough, considering that most of the game is based on the imagination of the players. But that wasn’t exactly the case, as the film was critically ridiculed for its release 20 years ago.

However, it does feature some moments that are so hilariously bad that it makes them fun to watch. There will even be a remake, which is in the middle of casting right now, and if there’s any movie that needs a remake, this is it.

9 The Hideout (2005)

The movie could be called Hide and Seek And the motto might be: “Come out, come out, wherever you are”, but this is not a children’s movie. Hide and Seek it’s loosely based on children’s play, but takes a turn for the worst, as he stars as Robert De Niro in one of the few horror movies he’s made.

The movie is about a girl who continually plays hide and seek with an imaginary friend, and it’s incredibly creepy but ultimately largely derived from many other much better horror movies.

8 Witchboard (1987)


Based on the quirky board game that many parents use to scare their children into laughing, Witchboard follows several students who become obsessed with a ouija board and then are haunted by a mysterious spirit. Surprisingly, there is not just one sequel to the movie, but two, and they don’t get any better.

However, the movie has gained a bit of a cult following in the 30-plus years since its release and watching them today, it’s surprising to think that anyone would have found it scary in the first place.

7 Mars Attacks! (nineteen ninety six)

Tim Burton's attacks on Mars

Although it may not seem Attacks on Mars based on any existing material, especially anything related to a children’s game, director Tim Burton was inspired to make one of the deadliest Martian invader movies after playing a collectible card series created by Topps in the 60s, and the movie is very based on those cards.

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The result is fascinating, as it clearly comes from the mind of a mid-90s Burton at the height of his powers, and the film is as faithful to the trading cards as possible, showing aliens slaughtering humanity from an extremely detailed way.

6 Battleship (2012)

Battleship It’s one of the few alien invasion movies to massively flop at the box office, and even Rihanna’s stunt casting as a soldier couldn’t save this ship from sinking. The movie took some massive liberties with the kiddie game, as the movie sees the military taking on an unknown alien race, even though the game has no relation to aliens, but there is a limited amount of knowledge to be found. has a board game.

Still, the movie goes to great lengths with how far they can stretch the narrative, and as big and strong as it is, the movie can be enjoyed for exactly that, being a popcorn movie fun enough.

5 Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure (2005)

Still image from Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure

A direct-to-DVD animated film based on the Hasbro game of the same name, Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure Follow Jib and his friends trying to protect the land from the evil Lord Liquorice.

The movie is full of colorful animations and great musical numbers, and it’s almost like the movie version of what happens when kids eat too much sugar. The full movie is now on YouTube and actually has millions of views, which means it’s more successful than ever when it was released on VHS.

4 The Divine Movement (2014)

Divine movement

Being the only foreign language film based on a children’s game, Divine movement is extremely underrated. The movie plays fast and loose with the source material, but is based on Baduk’s game, also called Go in the West.

It’s a meta movie, as it follows a Baduk gamer in search of revenge, which ends up becoming almost a live-action version of the game. The title of the film refers to a move that is considered to only occur once in a lifetime, but is a bit of a spoiler for what happens in the end.

3 Ouija (2014)

ouija origin of the end of evil

Witchboard not the only movie based on the creepy board game on the top shelf of the closet, like Ouija try to scare audiences even more with a less cheesy and more disturbing version of the game.

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The film is full of shocks that would scare even the toughest moviegoers, but it remains one of Blumhouse’s weakest productions. However, the film still had huge numbers at the global box office, leading to the film scoring one of the the better horror sequels, and it’s considerably better than its predecessor.

two Label (2018)

Of many ways, Label It is the best movie based on a children’s game as it is not a board game, it is not a trading card game and the IP does not belong to any specific company as it is simply a schoolyard game. The movie is a lot of fun and it seems that the actors have more fun making the movie than the audience is watching, as the movie literally unfolds as the most epic tag game ever.

On top of that, of all the movies based on children’s games, this one has an all-star cast, including Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, and Jon Hamm, and they all have dizzying attitudes on screen. Y off-screen, it’s a pleasure to watch.

1 Clue (1985)

Cluedo track

With the real game of Track having a different result each time it is played, the film does its best to replicate that feeling. Of all the children’s movies today, Track it is possibly the only one that looks like a genuine quality movie that stands on its own without being backed up by its source material.

It’s viewed as brilliant work by critics and the general public, and features some wildly incredible performances by Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, which is just one of the ways that Track it’s a better murder mystery movie than Knives out.

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