Taskmaster Can Do For Black Widow What The Avengers Movies Didn’t Accomplish

A good villain is a great hero, and Taskmaster is an ideal pairing to show what the Black Widow is capable of and who she really is.

In the next Black widow In the film, the title character takes on the villainous Taskmaster, a fight that promises to show just how powerful this often overshadowed Avenger is. While there isn’t much information available about the Taskmaster in the MCU yet, and Marvel has never shied away from making some changes to its comic book characters to suit the film, the Taskmaster in the Marvel comics is a fitting challenge for the cinematic Black. Widow. While definitely a credible threat, the Taskmaster’s comedic abilities and abilities are still human, but lethally dangerous; exactly the level that can highlight Black Widow’s own abilities.

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While certainly useful against an alien invasion and an army of robots, Black Widow is significantly overshadowed for a large portion of the Avengers films by more flashy and tougher colleagues. It’s hard to count all the superpowers Thanos had, even before he got his hands on the Infinity Stones. Although capable and confident, Natasha’s espionage skills did not fit well to provide a suitable physical challenge for such a villain. After all, having an adversary who represents an appropriate challenge for a more subtle character and at the same time offering excitingly high stakes is a challenge, so it is exciting to see such an enemy presented in the form of the Taskmaster.

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In the comics, Taskmaster is a kinetic genius, capable of copying tricks and moves that he sees as perfectly as possible. Experienced in fighting skilled martial artists and superheroes alike, he has an arsenal of abilities, and the origin of Taskmaster’s powers in the comics draws an interesting parallel to Black Widow, as she received a flawed recreation of the Super serum. Soldier who empowered the Captain. America, with whom Black Widow begins to work very closely on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As Captain America: Civil War reveals that the Winter Soldier stole a recreation of the serum, working on behalf of the same organization that employs the Taskmaster, this seems like a probable character point for consistency.

The Black Widow shines when forced to adapt, use tricks and tools, and use a level of obfuscation to keep her enemies off balance. This is exactly the skill set that would thrive against a villain who never falls for the same trick twice. Taskmaster’s threat also shows the value of his other abilities: mingling, sneaking around, and getting to safe places. Black Widow has mastered a variety of dangerous weapons, and while the Taskmaster could physically replicate his techniques, he won’t get the same results unless he has a similar arsenal.

“Adapt and overcome” has been a constant theme for the Black Widow in conflict, and this movie promises to pit her against an enemy that reflects this ability to a degree that will force her to show just how resourceful she really is. With the existential threats posed in the Avengers movies, Natasha has been helpful, but not the main protagonist. With a balanced opponent holding a dark mirror of his training, his origin, and the person he once was, Black widow it will give the audience a chance to see how much it had grown and changed over the years.

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