Teen Titans: How did Starfire save the DC Universe … with DARKSEID ?!

How was Starfire recruited by Darkseid for a dangerous mission and, along the way, ended up saving the entire galaxy herself?

Cosmic odyssey saw an astonishing collection of heroes assembled for a mission of galactic significance: setting up various important figures from across the DC Universe to work with the New Gods and even their opposites from the world of Apokolips. Among those heroes was an important member of the Teen Titans, who proved just how powerful and effective she is as a result.

How Darkseid once recruited Starfire, and a host of other heroes, to save the universe in Cosmic odyssey by Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Carlos Garzón, Steve Oliff and John Workman?

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Cosmic odyssey It is one of the few times in the history of the DC Universe that Darkseid has been forced to turn to his former enemies, the New Gods, for help. After discovering Metron and analyzing him, Darkseid detects a powerful source of energy that roams the universe: personifications of the Anti-Life Equation. The risk is so great that Highfather agrees to work with him. Send an envoy to Earth to recruit a handful of heroes to help fight it. While this includes powerhouses like Superman and Batman, Starfire is also one of the heroes selected for this mission. The heroes are sent to different worlds, hoping to prevent the living Anti-Life Equation from destroying two of the four worlds. If successful, the Anti-Life Equation would start a chain reaction that would destroy the entire Milky Way.

Starfire is associated with Lightray, one of the raucous new gods. Upon reaching Raan, they find that the majority of the population has been turned against themselves by the efforts of the Anti-Life Equation. Only Adam Strange is immune and quickly joins them on their mission. Throughout the adventure, Starfire has to put up with Lightray’s attempts at flirting, as well as her huge ego that gets in the way of her mission. Finding the bomb that will be used to detonate the world and bring an end to everything, Starfire is forced to deal with only the aspect of the Anti-Life Equation while Adam Strange is incapacitated and Lightray is distracted by searching fruitlessly.

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By the time Lightray returns, it appears that she has also defeated Starfire and does quick work with the New God. But it is revealed that Starfire has been doing a feint, successfully fooling the Anti-Life aspect and giving her a chance to save her teammates and attack him again. Starfire quickly figures out how to defeat the creature as well, realizing that it may be a volatile creature, Starfire was finally able to lull her into a false sense of security by playing possum, again, and getting close enough to shoot. shot at point blank range. This erupts the creature, igniting the monster.

Starfire even managed to drag Lightray out of the way of the resulting explosion, stopping the Anti-Life aspect and destroying the bomb on her own. To Lightray’s dismay, Starfire is quickly heralded as a Raan hero and celebrated for her success. In an event where even a Green Lantern was unable to prevent the destruction of a world, it is impressive that Starfire not only defeated an Anti-Life Aspect on her own, but did so even without the technology provided by Darkseid to fight directly. the force. He accomplished the kind of mission that even Superman had a hard time putting together, proving why he was one of the heroes Darkseid would think of recruiting for his mission.

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