The 10 most important romantic relationships of the Golden Girls

The golden girls It was a great sitcom not only because it was funny, but because it went a long way to show its audience that life really begins at 50. The girls lived full and vibrant lives promoting their careers, taking vacations and of course, having activities love lives.

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Neither divorce nor the death of their husbands deterred them from seeking a partner with whom to spend the rest of their lives. The girls dated many men over the course of seven seasons, but some of their partners and romantic relationships proved more important than others.

10 Pink – Arnie Peterson

Rose and Arnie in the bed of the cruise ship

It’s no secret to fans of the show that Rose idolized her late husband Charlie. She often spoke so highly of him that, by her own admission, she believed that when he died, the part of her life that focused on romance was over.

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Rose’s relationship with Arnie Peterson was significant because he was the first person she dated and had sex with after her husband’s death. Feeling pangs of guilt and fear about starting a new relationship, those feelings were exacerbated when Arnie asked her to go on a cruise. Their acceptance paved the way for Rose to rejoin the dating scene.

9 Sofia – Agustín Bagatelli

Augustine visits the widow dressed as sophia on the couch

Sophia loved her late Salvadore husband very much, but he was not the only man in her life she was engaged to. In the first season episode “The Competition”, it is revealed that Sophia once had a fiancé named Augustine Bagatelli, who disappeared in the confusion of World War II.

When they met again years later, the sparks flew and Agustín asked Sofia to return to Sicily with him for a visit. Of course, Sophia first had to win her seat on Dorothy’s plane in a bowling tournament, but her time with Augustine brought back fond memories and reinvigorated her spirit.

8 Blanche – Jake Smollens

She had deep love and respect for her husband George, but Blanche also enjoyed the company of numerous suitors in the years after his death. She also narrowly avoided getting married multiple times on the show, most notably in the pilot episode to a polygamist and later in the series to a wealthy industrialist who couldn’t have time for her.

She had a third chance to marry caterer Jake Smollens when she proposed, but his focus on her blue-collar demeanor and general differences forced her to refuse. He later regretted his decision, as the loss of Jake deeply hurt Blanche.

7 Dorothy – Glen O’Brien

Dorothy and Glen in bed

Dorothy was known to be unlucky when it came to men and dating, as her mother and roommates frequently reminded her. The public first saw this when they learned that her divorce from ex-husband Stanley Zbornak came after 38 years of marriage and without warning, just a cold call from Stan’s attorney.

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The trend continued when Dorothy met and fell madly in love with physical education teacher Glen O’Brien. Upon learning that he was married, Dorothy tried to break up, but ended up continuing the relationship for a while. Finally, the realization that she couldn’t keep seeing Glen nearly crushed her, and her relationship with him remains one of the most passionate and meaningful she’s ever had.

6 Rose – Al Beatty

pink and everything before writing

Rose’s relationship story has a somewhat tragic backstory, as her late husband died of a heart attack while having sex. Rose was understandably traumatized by the event, believing herself to be responsible in some way for the events that happened that fateful night.

When Rose started dating again, those guilt feelings sublimated, until she met and had sex with Al Beatty, who died of a heart attack shortly after the encounter. Rose had to overcome all those feelings of guilt and trauma again, and although she managed to do so successfully, it came at a tremendous emotional cost.

5 Sophia – Max Weinstock

Sophia and Max dance

The story of Max and Sophia has its roots in the past, as Max was the husband of Sophia’s best friend and the business partner of her Salvadore husband. The relationship soured when Max took the blame for the failure of his business and that of Salvadore, even though it was Sal who put his profits at stake.

The truth came to light at Max’s wife’s funeral, and Sophia and Max reconciled, but also fell in love. They decided to get married and reopen the business in Miami, but realized that the relationship they had was based more on love for their memories than for each other. They amicably agreed to separate, but not divorce, technically leaving Sophia married for the remainder of the series.

4 Blanche – Mel Bushman

blanche and mel bushman kiss

Even serial daters like Blanche have their nights off, and in those cases when the dating pool has run out or someone has canceled at the last minute, it’s nice to have consistent backup you can trust. Blanche’s “Old Faithful” was Mel Bushman, who in the blink of an eye appeared on Blanche’s door with his trademark line, “Bushman awaits!”

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However, when Blanche thought that Mel had died when he was actually traveling, she suddenly realized how much she felt for him. When he returned, they tried to solidify their relationship, but found that they were more comfortable with his previous arrangement.

3 Dorothy – Stanley Zbornak

Stan and Dorothy's wedding

There has never been a more historic relationship in The golden girls than that between Dorothy and her ex-husband, Stan. For the most part, their relationship has been antagonistic, with Dorothy constantly criticizing Stan for being a failure as a father, businessman, husband, and human being in general.

From time to time, the two of them have flirted with the idea of ​​a reconciliation, either temporarily or permanently. Aside from the strange flirting in the bedroom, the couple’s most serious attempt to get back together came in season six, when they decided to remarry. It almost happened too until Stan asked his faithful and long-suffering ex-wife of 38 years to sign a prenuptial agreement.

two Rose – Miles Webber

Rosa and miles starlight

Aside from Charlie, Rose’s most important relationship was with Miles Webber, a college professor she dated for the last two seasons of The golden girls and the only season of the spinoff series, The golden palace.

Played by actor Harold Gould (who also played Arnie Peterson), Miles was different from Charlie in that he was more casual and intellectual, while Charlie was more adventurous and … he was from St. Olaf. Miles was not without secrets, however, as it was revealed that he was actually Nicholas Carbone, a Chicago accountant included in the Witness Relocation Program after presenting evidence against his mob boss.

1 Dorothy – Lucas Hollingsworth

Dorothy Lucas Wedding

Dorothy’s streak of bad luck in relationships came to an end when she met, fell in love with, and married Lucas Hollingsworth, Blanche’s uncle. Portrayed by Leslie Nielsen from The naked gun fame, their relationship started out as a blind date, but quickly escalated from there.

Lucas’s foolishness sometimes balanced Dorothy’s no-nonsense demeanor and they congratulated each other kindly. In the end, she and Lucas got married in the final episode of the series and moved to Georgia to live their lives in marital bliss.

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