The Amazing Race: The Series’ 10 Greatest Villains, Ranked

December 16, 2020 marked the end of season 32 of the hit CBS reality competition series. The surprising race. With the show scheduled to celebrate 20 years, all sorts of commemorations and retrospectives are in order.

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Of course the main reason to tune in The surprising race is getting to know the different racing teams, many of which have huge and unforgettable personalities. For the most antagonistic of all, scroll below. (Note that some of the entries below contain mentions of verbal and physical abuse.)

10 Nick and Vicki (season 17)


Bartender Nick and hairstylist Vicki were among the nastiest and most combative racers of season 17. Nick, in particular, painted himself as a true villain by scolding his girlfriend Vicki over and over again when he couldn’t keep up. of its resistance.

Worse still, Vicki’s asthma gave her a genuine reason to stay behind. However, Nick stalked each stage with a feverish temper and cruel demeanor as he finished in the bottom half of his first six races. His terrible temper made him a real villain and poor Vicki accompanied him.

9 Brooke and Scott (season 29)


While Scott did his best to remain personable at best and neutral at worst, his partner Brooke is one of the most villainous racers in series history.

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Brooke faced severe anger online for the aggressive and direct approach of getting irritated before each challenge. The sarcastic attitude of the Director of Business Development at a US law firm radiates an air of smug superiority that led to constant arguments with his estranged partner, Scott. Although they won the season, Brooke threw a tantrum during the Ladle Making Roadblock.

8 Colin and Christie (seasons 5 and 31)

Despite their enormous racing success on the show, the couple Colin and Christie rank as one of the most dysfunctional and obnoxious villains of all time. The pair were first introduced in season 5 when Colin continued to verbally scold his girlfriend around the world.

Colin came close to being arrested during his furious collapse in Tanzania and then had a similar tantrum in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Christine donned culturally insensitive outfits in various countries. After softening up a bit and hopefully sincerely changing some of their perspectives and behaviors, the Texans came back as life partners and won season 31.

7 Brendon and Rachel (season 20)


First appearing in season 20 as an engaged couple and returning as newlyweds on All-Stars season 24, Brendon and Rachel Villegas proved to be a villain couple time and time again.

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The rude California natives made little attempt to ingratiate themselves with each other during both appearances on the show. Constantly complaining, Rachel refused to shave her head for a challenge in season 20 because she thought she would no longer be pretty. In Paraguay, Rachel said of another “her disgusting smile is worse than her exaggerated makeup.”

6 The Weavers (season 8)

tar weavers

During The Amazing Race: Family Edition (Season 8), Linda Weaver, a single mother and widow, could not control the abject villainy exuded by her unfavorable children, Rachel Rebecca and Rolly.

The Weavers appeared to use parts of their personal life to intimidate other contestants. Their rude behavior drew the ire of all 8 finalists, leading to the Weavers being Loaned out twice (a historic feat).

5 Joe & Bill (seasons 1 and 11)


Cocky, cunning and vengeful, Joe and Bill (aka Team Guido) still reign as the original villains featured during the series’ inaugural season. However, after returning in season 11, The Life Partners showed some signs of evolution for the better.

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After a monumental explosion at a Tunisia airport, Joe and Bill continued to be a ruthless team hated by the other racers. In their All-Stars appearance, they fought several times with Eric and Danielle before being eliminated in Poland in sixth place.

4 Tara and Wil (season 2)


The estranged couple Tara and Wil are often regarded as the first team to be defined by their constant infighting, insolent comments, and general ugly behavior. While their antagonism often ran towards each other, they were no strangers to mixing it up with other teams as well.

Additionally, Tara began flirting with rival running back Alex right in front of Wil’s face, creating an awkward and dysfunctional dynamic that made them difficult to see during various challenges.

3 Zach and Flo (season 3)


While Zach absolved his personality well enough in season 3, his platonic partner Flo (pictured with another man) embodied rowdy behavior to the nth degree. His constant bad attitude, negatives, and negative nastiness deserve to be in the top 3. An incredible race villains.

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23-year-old Flo spent much of her time yelling at Zach for no good reason. In the second half of the race, he began flirting with Drew without regard for his twin brother, Derek. Flo became the first woman to win the race, making her an enviable villain for all time.

two Freddy and Kendra (season 6)


Due to Kendra’s inflammatory racial slurs and blatant shadow casting, she and fellow supermodel Freddy are among the most hated villains in series history. That they won Season 6 makes them even more villains.

Nothing screams callous white privilege in the way Kendra snubs her nose in various places. His comments are too nasty to repeat, while Freddy showed his true side by threatening to split a competitor in two. These two were truly some of the worst players ever to compete.

1 Jonathan and Victoria (season 6)

TAR-Jonathan Victoria

Without a doubt, the most villainous team in the history of The surprising race It belongs to Jonathan and his wife Victoria. Veined, solipsistic, and downright petty, Jonathan once physically pushed his wife after losing a race in Germany.

The abusive Jonathan treated Victoria with such disdain and disgust that fans found it difficult to even tune in to the broadcast at times. To no one’s surprise the couple divorced in 2010.

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