The Bachelor: What Colton Underwood Has Been Up To After The Breakup

Bachelor star Colton Underwood has led quite a private life after his breakup with Cassie Randolph. This is what he has been doing ever since.

When Colton Underwood was cast as The Bachelor In 2019, he met 23-year-old Cassie Randolph, who was competing for his heart. On the show, the two seemed to have a very strong relationship, and Cassie even made it to the hometown episodes where Colton met his family. Even though their relationship seemed to be going well, everything seemed to change after Cassie’s father refused to give his blessing for Colton to propose to her at the end of the trip, something that weighed heavily on Cassie’s mind and was the main factor. for her. left the competition the week after the home cities.

In the end, Colton knew Cassie was the one for him and decided to try and get her back, eliminating the two remaining contestants, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams. After that, he had a long conversation with Cassie and the two decided that they would go on a relationship together, thus ending the season.

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After the show, Colton and Cassie dated for just over a year before announcing their breakup. Things seemed to be going well as the two agreed to remain friends, but everything changed when Cassie filed a restraining order against her former love due to alleged harassment. Despite legal action against him, Colton denied harassing Cassie.

Cassie Randolf Colton Underwood BA

Once the couple broke up, Colton seemed to take it pretty badly as he was going through excruciating pain, according to USA Weekly. After the split, Colton released a new chapter of his book titled The first time: finding myself and looking for love on reality TV that gave more information about the breakup of the couple. Also after the breakup, Colton took a two-month hiatus from Instagram, but returned to the platform after all the legal drama was resolved. Despite returning to IG, Colton removed all of his previous posts from the platform, presuming he wanted to. to start with a clean slate in the midst of everything that happened since his high-profile breakup.

Many fans of The Bachelor he thought Colton and Cassie were going to be a success story for the franchise. But ultimately, things didn’t end that way and the couple left fans baffled by the breakup. Not much is known about what else Colton is up to now, but it seems safe to say that he wants fans to remember him the way they used to remember him, and not from all of the recent drama.

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The Bachelorr airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: USA Weekly

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