The bad guys of Pokémon Heroes might be the series’ most complex villains

Annie and Oakley may have relatively simple motivations, but their characterization is perhaps the most interesting of the Pokémon villains.

Pokemon has featured a long list of potential villains over the years. From the disguised antics of Team Rocket to the obsessed with the Ultra Beast Lusamine and the well-placed annoyance of Team Yell, each antagonist has shown a new way to cause trouble for our heroes and the world at large. As entertaining as many of these villains were, few of them were truly complex characters. Annie and Oakley, a duo of phantom thief sisters, may have relatively simple motivations, but their characterization is perhaps the most interesting of all. Pokemon villain.

The two made their debut in Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias. The English and Japanese versions of the film have some notable differences. In the dubbing, they are members of Team Rocket trying to take over the world, while in the original Japanese, they are just sisters with the more modest goal of taking over the city of Alta Mare. Either way, they are great characters.

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His main objective in the film is to capture Latios and Latias and steal the Soul Dew to use as a power source for the Alto Mare Defense Mechanism (“DMA” for short). The DMA was used to protect the city from external dangers, but it can also be used as a weapon, even capable of reviving the evil Kabutops and Aerodactyl, so it is under heavy security in the museum.

While the movie’s plot is fairly simple, the dynamic between the thief sisters is surprisingly complex. Annie is the older of the two, a girly girl who uses her good looks to her advantage and cares more about looking pretty than taking over the world. Oakley, the younger sister, is the brains of the two, developing plans to steal the Soul Dew and use the DMA. She has proven to be a quick learner, able to figure out how to use DMA correctly in a matter of minutes.

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Despite his intelligence, he did not know when to stop as he went ahead and was filled with delusions of grandeur. This is most likely a side effect caused by the dark energy the machine produces, as Latios and Soul Dew also suffer from this same energy. Because the DMA produces this energy while in use, the one who controls the machine runs the risk of absorbing that energy. Oakley couldn’t handle the amount of energy she was exposed to, so she lost control of herself and became obsessed with controlling the world.

Despite their differences, their personalities complement each other. Annie shows how much she cares for her sister when she doesn’t run away after Oakley begins to lose control. She stays by her sister’s side and tries to help her, she even gets stuck inside the machine to try to get her out. They would not be rescued until the police arrived and arrested them. The criminal partners would generally turn to each other at this point, blaming each other for the plan not working, but this is not the case with Annie and Oakley. Instead of laying the blame, they simply accept that they failed and face their punishment. Their brotherly bond and sense of responsibility make them one of the most memorable villain pairs in the world. Pokemon.

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