The black widow reacts to the murder of her family

Following the tragic events of the last issue, Thompson and Casagrande’s Black Widow reveals what Natasha does after her family’s murder.

Warning: this article contains minor spoilers for Black Widow # 5!

After a tremendous wait, Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande Black widow The series is back on shelves this week with the highly anticipated release of number five. Following the devastating events of the shocking final panels of issue four, which saw the tragic annihilation of Natasha’s happily ever after, Marvel has now provided the first glimpse of what comes next.

It all started when Natasha Romanoff was mysteriously kidnapped, waking up to suburban bliss with no memory of her previous life as the Black Widow. With a lavish life as a successful San Francisco architect and a fiancé and a child she adored, it seemed like Natasha had finally achieved the true happiness she never knew. However, it was soon revealed that a cabal of Natasha’s enemies was behind it all. Knowing that they could never kill Black Widow, they organized a new life to keep Natasha happy and off the board. When Nat realized her brainwashing, she attempted to save her fiancé and son by severing ties with them, but before she could, her enemies fired an RPG in her safe house, killing the fiancé and the Natasha’s baby before his eyes.

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A Marvel Comics preview for issue five begins with a heartbreaking flashback of Natasha visiting a zoo with her family. As Nat has deduced by now, the memories he has of his family before San Francisco were implanted by his enemies, while everything after that actually happened. Her son was artificially created with the combination of her and her fiancé’s DNA, making this implanted child her literal offspring and this much more tragic memory for Natasha.

Black Widow 5 Preview Cover

Black Widow Preview Credits

The scene then returns to the present, moments after Nat saw the two people she loved most in the world die before her in an explosion. Yelena Belova, the second Russian spy with the Black Widow insignia, spreads a harsh love by bringing Nat out of his shock and pain. Throughout Natasha’s happy brainwashing, Yelena had been keeping an eye on her, disguised as the family’s nanny. It’s only fitting, given her tangled history, that Yelena knows exactly what the Black Widow needs to get out of her immediate pain and get to safety. But while it’s clear that Natasha’s heart is truly broken, the following moments see the beginning of a new mission that not everyone on her team seems sure will work.

Black Widow 5 preview page 4

This current Black Widow story makes an excellent but exceptionally difficult read for any fan of the killer-turned-Avenger. Given her sordid history as a living weapon for some pretty bad people, Natasha has spent most of her career in disguise working to absolve herself of the crimes of her past. Having believed that he didn’t deserve a happy life with a loving family, Nat was finally able to get a taste of that euphoric reality before it was taken from him in the worst way possible. Now all the Black widow gone is his revenge, which means that the people responsible for these games will seriously take revenge. Black widow # 5 is in stores and online February 17.

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