The Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney rated by the Taiwanese rating board

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles localization has been rated by a Taiwanese rating board, along with games like Tales From The Borderlands.

The Taiwan Digital Games Classification Committee has rated several different games, including localization of Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney. Previously, The great ace lawyer The localization was part of a big Capcom leak in November, but with this rating, the full reveal of the game could be soon.

Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney are a collection of two prequels in the Ace Attorney series that takes place before the main series. The setting is in feudal Japan, and the main characters are the ancestors of various characters in the series, including Phoenix Wright. The great ace lawyer The games were released on 3DS in 2015 and 2017 respectively in Japan, but were never localized in the west. Fans had been begging for the game’s localization since its release, and from these leaks, it seems like it won’t be much longer until its release.

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As reported by Gematsu, the rankings of the Taiwan Digital Games Classification Committee list The great ace lawyer Chronicles collection for Switch, PS4 and PC. With The great ace lawyer, the ratings also list Telltales’ Switch version Tales from the Borderlands, which was not included in the announcement of the new version of the game. Other listings include Secret neighbor, Snowrunnerand a PS5 version of Geneshin impact.

the Ace Attorney The series has been released on several different consoles, after its original GBA release. Since its debut in Japan, it has been localized on the Nintendo DS, and the original trilogy has been adapted to the PS4, PC and mobile platforms. But aside from the ports, the newer releases in the series have been kept on Nintendo systems, with the latest entries releasing on the 3DS. Capcom’s November leak also claimed that Ace Attorney 7 it was under development, but the system it would be in is unknown. Regardless, this would technically be the first “new” Ace Attorney cross-platform launch in the west, even if it’s just a localized port.

The fact that this rating comes from the Digital Gaming Rating Committee also suggests that Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney it will be an exclusive digital release, which is like the last Ace Attorney Games have been released. Some feel that the newer games deserve to be released physically. Regardless, this will provide those in the west a chance to play one of the Ace Attorney games. Although there is one more title in the series that has not yet been located in the west, Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney gives fans the opportunity to experience the stories before the legendary Phoenix Wright.

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Source: Gematsu

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