The Expanse: Why Alex’s Death Was the Best It Could Be

The Expanse season 5 finale abruptly killed Alex’s character. But, given the Cas Anvar controversy, it was the best story it could be.

The end of season 5 of The expansion it abruptly kills Alex’s character, but this death is the best course of action the show’s writers could take. The episode, titled “Nemesis Games,” is packed with plot developments, one of the most surprising being Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar) suffering a fatal stroke while trying to save Naomi from Chetzemoka. All of this happens very suddenly; it stops responding to transmissions and the program returns to Alex inside the ship. Blood drips from his nose and he offers a hauntingly serene last words: “It was an incredible journey.” Only later is the cause of her disappearance revealed: an apparent stroke from prolonged exposure to high g without adequate protection from a special concoction of adrenaline, blood thinner, and amphetamine, which is specifically designed to prevent strokes and aneurysms during intense space travel. .

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But as same as The expansion has taken character snippets from books and applied them to different characters on the show before (Camina Drummer is a prime example of this), the writers have done the same with Alex’s cause of death. In the sixth book of the eponymous series, Fred Johnson is actually the character who dies of a high-gravity-induced stroke. Given this information and the abruptness of how the death was executed on screen, it is impossible to rule out the probable connection between Alex’s television disappearance and the recent spate of sexual misconduct allegations that have surfaced against actor Cas Anvar. The accusations, which were brought by multiple women last June, allege that he harassed and / or assaulted them after they met at fan conventions.

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The showrunner for the series has said that there were some behind-the-scenes thoughts on The expansion possibly killing a character early in season 5. So was this the writers plan from the beginning? Even though this was at the end of the season, was TV Alex ready to die yet? Can’t say for sure; However, this specific way of making Alex’s character expire from the show is the best course of action under the circumstances. Utilizing Fred Johnson’s death from the books, the show primarily follows the source material, while taking the typical Hollywood creative liberties. With the profound impact that the #MeToo movement and similar social social reforms have had in recent years, the best thing for the show is that Anvar gets the spoils.

The expansion

Furthermore, this death is nothing that departs too radically from the narrative. It fits the tone of the episode, one densely packed with slow-burning action. Both Alex and Serge meet untimely deaths, it is discovered that Marco Inaros has taken control of the Ring, Michio Pa gets a brief time in the spotlight, the Extension The final scene of season 5 shows a mysterious ship-destroying Martian entity, and more. Many things happen and everything follows a consistent theme of serious severity, loss, and taking the necessary action. There’s not much room for something too chaotic or divergent in origin, and a simple death explained after the fact is a bit odd, but mostly blends in with the rest of the plot.

As stated in the episode, the possibility of that kind of space death is a risk that all characters regularly take on. Alex’s disappearance is just another transferred character event. Similarly, Fred Johnson doesn’t die in what happens at Tycho Station within the books; assumes a death that is unique to the show. So writing an on-screen version in which Alex’s character also meets a death that is solely for television perfectly fits the creative parameters of the show and does not create face problems. The expansion season 6. Despite whether Alex’s death was contrived by The expansion writers simply as a judiciously considered response to controversy, it was the best it could be.

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