The Office: Why It’s Pam’s Fault Sprinkles Dies, Not Dwight’s

Sprinkles’ death at The Office was the catalyst for Angela and Dwight’s big breakup, but was it really Dwight’s fault?

NBC’s blockbuster sitcom The office It has been completed for eight years and yet it remains as relevant as ever. Dedicated fans are constantly watching and discovering new details about previously overlooked Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch staff. An important moment in The office This is when Angela Martin’s cat, Sprinkles, is mercilessly murdered by her boyfriend, Dwight Schrute. They end up breaking up because of it and it becomes a major event in history. But what if Sprinkles death weren’t completely Is it Dwight’s fault? A closer look at Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2, “Fun Run” provides an interesting detail that may prove the true cause of Sprinkles death.

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Sprinkles was Angela’s favorite cat. Angela even shows a bunch of photos of herself and Sprinkles “in town”. So when Sprinkles shows up dead in her freezer, Angela is understandably livid. But why did it end there in the first place? Season 4 begins with Michael Scott hitting Meredith Palmer with his car, taking her to the hospital with a cracked pelvis. Pam Beesly, the secretary at the time, organizes a trip to the hospital during lunch to visit Meredith. When Pam approaches Angela about her attendance, Angela says that she cannot go because her cat, Sprinkles, is quite ill and needs care at home. Angela is known to be closer than normal to her cats, so it’s quite understandable that she wants to go home on her break and make sure Sprinkles is okay.

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But Pam makes it a point to make Angela feel guilty about going to the hospital. Pam mentions that organizing the visit isn’t even her job, as Angela is the head of the party planning committee, and she makes sure to say it with some disgust. At first Angela tries to explain why she needs to see Sprinkles, but after hearing Pam throw her position as head of the party planning committee in her face, Angela quickly changes the subject. Now, unable to visit Sprinkles on her break, Angela asks Dwight to take care of her. Angela gives you an extensive list of medications and treatments to administer during your visit, and it’s clear that Sprinkles needs a lot of of attention.

So poor Sprinkles is left to Dwight, a farmer by trade. When he sees how sick Sprinkles is, he mercilessly kills her, as he believes this was the right thing to do for a suffering animal. This causes a major break in his relationship with Angela, as Angela loves her cats more than anything else. They end up breaking up over this event, as Angela cannot reconcile what happened with her feelings for Dwight. But it’s really not Dwight’s fault.

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Meredith only had a cracked pelvis. They later found out that she also had rabies, which is terrible but not life-threatening. From the looks of it, Sprinkles looked like she needed more medical attention than Meredith, considering the list of medications and treatments she needed to take on a daily basis. Angela, as a responsible pet owner, should have been home with Sprinkles, which is what she wanted to do in the first place. It’s only because Pam made her feel guilty and made her go visit Meredith that poor Sprinkles was ultimately killed. If Dwight hadn’t needed to see Sprinkles, he wouldn’t have seen the state she was in and he wouldn’t have killed her out of mercy.

While we can certainly blame Dwight for directly killing Sprinkles, ultimately, it is Pam’s fault that the whole situation happened. Following that logic, it is also their fault that they broke up. Pam shouldn’t have made Angela feel guilty for wanting to take care of her pet, especially when it was just a broken bone Meredith had. Pam is a fan favorite on the show, but she certainly has moments that tarnish her reputation – possibly this one is the most important. Without her unnecessary guilt trip from Angela, Sprinkles could have survived and Dwight and Angela’s relationship could have survived without interruption.

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