To All the Boys 3: Biggest Book Changes in Always & Forever

To All the Boys: Always & Forever made some significant changes from the book to the film. We break down what those changes were.

Warning! Spoilers for To all the boys: always and forever down.

As with any adaptation of a book, To all the boys: always and forever necessary to make some changes from one page to another. Naturally, some of those changes were major deviations from Jenny Han’s book. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest changes the Netflix movie made.

To all the boys: always and forever concludes the love story of Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). The couple are preparing to graduate from high school and have made plans to attend Stanford University together. But when Lara Jean is rejected from that school and makes the decision to attend another university, her plans drastically change. Can your love survive the distance?

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Netflix’s adaptation of To all the boys: always and forever made some significant changes to the story of Peter and Lara Jean from the book series. Some alterations were likely made for logistical reasons, while others benefited the film overall. Let’s see what the movie changed.

Peter and Lara Jean College Picks

In the Netflix adaptation, Peter and Lara Jean have their hearts set on attending Stanford together. Peter receives a lacrosse scholarship and Lara Jean wants to be with him and stay somewhat close to his family in Portland, Oregon. But when Lara Jean is rejected after Peter is admitted, he decides to go to his high school, the University of California, Berkeley. However, at the suggestion of her sister Margot, Lara Jean is applying to New York University to have an option on the East Coast. After traveling to New York City for a senior trip, Lara Jean falls in love with college and decides it’s school for her.

In the novel version of To all the boys 3, all of Lara Jean’s college options are on the east coast because that’s where she is. The book takes place in Virginia, and Peter and Lara Jean’s joint first-choice college is the University of Virginia. Lara Jean is rejected by that university, so she decides to go to her endorsement school, College of William & Mary. But after she’s taken off the waiting list at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and granted acceptance, he visits the school and falls in love with her. Although she is even further from Peter than the College of William & Mary would have been, she decides to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

the To all the boys The setting for the film was likely shifted from Virginia to Portland for logistical reasons, but the college selections changed to raise the stakes on the film. In the book, Lara Jean’s first- and second-choice colleges are still a few hours from Peter, while in the movie, she had to decide between a university that was an hour away and one that was on the coast. opposite. That decision fueled the conflict in the film, leading to Lara Jean and Peter’s dramatic temporary breakup.

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Peter’s family drama

Peter to all the boys

In the first To all the boys film, Peter and Lara Jean are united for having lost a father of their lives. Lara Jean’s mother died and Peter’s father left his family. The drama with Peter’s father returns in To all the boys: Always and Forever: His father struggles to get back to Peter’s life, and Peter resists until he receives valuable advice on love that he takes seriously. In the novel, Peter’s father is not in the picture. Instead, her mother causes a bit of drama in her life. Also in the book, Peter considers transferring to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after the first year to be with Lara Jean. After learning about this, Peter’s mother convinces Lara Jean to break up with him so she can have a good college experience.

Benefited from leaving this story out of the Netflix movie To all the boys: always and forever. Lara Jean and Peter’s breakup is a fundamental part of the movie, so it’s more significant that the two come to the conclusion that they should end. It is a reflection of the maturity of the characters, as they are about to head to the next chapter of their lives. Inserting the story about Peter’s father also shows a growth in Peter’s character. Over the course of all three films, Peter has grown from a lovable sportsman to a mature young man willing to forgive his father’s mistakes and come to terms with a complex understanding of love and relationships.

The circumstances of the breakup of Lara Jean and Peter

Lana Condor as Lara Jean in To All the Boys 3

In To all the boys: always and forever, Lara Jean and Peter’s impending breakup looms over them from the moment she tells him she wants to go to New York University. The breakup finally happens on prom night. The young couple have a great time at the dance and almost fell asleep together for the first time, but just as it’s about to happen, Peter stops Lara Jean. He realizes that it is one of the many ways she seems to be trying to say goodbye to him, so he decides to beat her and end their relationship at that point. In the book, Lara Jean complies with Peter’s mother’s request. In both the book and the movie, Lara Jean’s father becomes engaged to a woman named Trina, but in the book, Lara Jean gets drunk and breaks up with Peter after the bachelorette party. She tells him that distance just won’t work.

Lara Jean is a huge fan of romantic comedies and the circumstances surrounding her film’s breakup pay homage to that. Prom night is a right-of-way in many teen movies; It makes sense for Lara Jean to idealize the night and try to make it the occasion of her first time with Peter. For Peter to initiate the breakup on prom night fits the common romantic comedy trope of giving the central couple a dramatic fight. Their breakup gives way to another vital element of romantic comedies: the grand gesture. In the book, Peter and Lara Jean reconcile after having a conversation at their father’s wedding. In the movie, Peter surprises Lara Jean after the wedding: he arranges for her to find his senior yearbook with a love letter from Peter inscribed. It’s a new contract to continue their relationship, which is a callback to the first movie in the series. This sweet reconciliation wouldn’t have the same payoff if it followed the way their breakup unfolded in the book. It is just one of the many ways in which changes in the To all the boys improved book Always and Forever.

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