Top 10 Superman Kills, Ranked

Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes in comics. His repertoire of powers is quite broad and his weaknesses are quite specialized, making it difficult for his enemies to defeat him, much less kill him. However, that doesn’t mean that Superman is impossible to kill, as he has died on various worlds in the DC Multiverse.

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While it may be hard to believe for some, Superman has had many deaths over the years, both in battle and metaphorically, ending Superman’s mantle for good. Some deaths were quite stark and not worth remembering, while others were much better and deserve their place in the sun.

10 Death of New 52 Superman

New 52 Superman Death

The New 52 juggles good and bad, and while New 52 Superman’s reputation is dangerous, his death was great. Towards the end of his life, he had been through a lot and his powers were in ruins. A human named Denny Swan was struck by lightning and was gifted with powers like Clark, as well as delusions that he was Superman.

Superman had to fight the deluded man, but was beaten at every turn, eventually drawing on his super flare power to defeat the villain. However, the damage reached Superman and he died from the kryptonite poisoning that had been afflicting him, not before saying goodbye to his friends.

9 Superman from Batman: The Last Knight on Earth

Superman last knight on earth

Batman: the last knight on earth saw Batman deal with a post-apocalyptic future that had many of his friends already dead and unable to stop the villain known as Omega. Superman was one of these heroes and his death was unconventional to say the least. He and Lex got into a debate over the nature of morality and the people of Earth voted who lost.

Superman lost and Lex was finally able to kill his hated enemy. Of course, he would come to regret this, as Omega could have been arrested if Superman were alive. It might not have been a big flashy kill, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

8 Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son It was an Elseworlds tale that saw Superman raised in Soviet Russia and become leader of the USSR. Like the main Earth Superman, he generally won, expanding the power of the Soviet Union in a fan-favorite alternate universe story. Lex Luthor, the president of the USA, would finally come up with a way to defeat Superman and put it into practice.

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In a battle with Wonder Woman, her Amazons and a Luthor created Green Lantern Corps, Superman would decide that the world was better off without him and fake his death, stopping a Brainiac that he created himself, ending the power of the Soviet Union forever. and “killing” Superman.

7 DCeased

DCeased Superman Death

DCeased It was late in the cycle of zombie comics, but it is one of the best, seeing a zombie virus based on the Anti-Life Equation and Cyborg technology devastating the DC Universe. Some of the biggest names got infected, including Superman. While zombies are scary, a zombie Superman is probably one of the scariest things imaginable and the surviving heroes did their best to protect themselves from him. It took the entire Green Lantern Corps to even force the undead Superman to retreat, taking refuge in the sun, where he will apparently remain until the end of his existence.

6 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The DCEU has earned a reputation for being pretty dark and the darkest it got was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie has a reputation for being grim, from acting to action to the color palette. It also features Superman’s death at the hands of a Zod Doomsday clone created by Lex Luthor.

While this movie gets a lot of criticism for some very valid reasons, the final battle is pretty well done and Superman’s death works out really well, using the Kryptonite spear that was meant to end his life against Doomsday, knowing that it would result in his death. . It was the most Superman moment in any of the Zack Snyder DCEU movies.

5 Superman: Camelot Falls

Superman vs Khyber cropped

Superman: Camelot Falls is an underrated Superman story that, among other things, shows readers a terrible alternate future. A new villain named Khyber enters the scene and orders the world’s villains to finally succeed in their battle against heroes. Superman attacks Khyber, but the villain throws him to Earth with such force that he causes a nuclear winter, destroying civilization.

Thought dead, Superman returns and takes up the battle against Khyber again. He hesitates to deliver the killing blow and Khyber kills him. This one has it all: a great battle with a lot at stake and Superman’s death caused by Superman’s most of all: not wanting to kill.

4 Kingdom # 1

Watching Superman die is a pretty rare thing, but seeing him die multiple times is even rarer. In the Kingdom # 1, the sequel to Kingdom come Readers can see Superman’s death over and over again. Gog, a human who has been granted powers by the Quintessence, decides that the best thing to do with those powers is to kill Superman.

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He loves doing it so much that he begins to travel the time stream, killing Superman over and over again. There is something great about watching Superman die over and over again, losing his life in battle against a relentless foe.

3 Infinite Crisis

Death Of Earth 2 Superman cropped

Infinite Crisis would see the death of the original Superman, the Man of Steel from Earth-2. After spending years in a paradise dimension with his wife Lois, Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor of Earth-3, the state of the DC Universe pushes him into action, playing directly into the hands of Luthor and Prime.

Finally, seeing the light, he helps defeat Luthor and Prime’s plans before falling into battle with Superboy-Prime. What makes this death so great is the sheer emotion behind it. Lois had already died before in the book and Superman’s sacrifice allowed the heroes the time they needed to defeat Prime. Dying in the arms of his niece Power Girl, was a moving moment to say the least.

two “What happened to the man of tomorrow?”

He pretends to be the end of the Silver Age Superman story as if Crisis on Infinite Earths was not happening, this story written by Alan Moore saw Superman’s greatest enemies band together in an effort to destroy the Man of Steel. Eventually the villain behind it all would reveal himself and Superman would defeat them with the help of Lois, before using Gold Kryptonite to weaken himself, walking into the arctic tundra surrounding the Fortress of Solitude. Of course, this wasn’t the way things really went, just the story Lois told everyone. Clark would take on a new identity and the two would live happily ever after, Superman dead and buried in his past.

1 The death of superman

The death of superman is a blockbuster of epic proportions and easily Superman’s greatest death. It’s not thematically rich or anything like that, it’s just a fight, but the story does an amazing job of creating a threat that only Superman can end and play the pathos of every moment.

It’s a lot of fun to read, with the final part of the story consisting entirely of landing pages, selling the on-page action in all its epic glory. The death of superman It wasn’t bait and switch, Superman actually dies, and he’s beautifully portrayed, from the multi-issue battle to the throbbing climax that sees the Man of Steel die in the arms of the woman he loves.

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