Troy Baker’s 10 Best Marvel / DC Roles, Ranked

One of the kings of voice acting is the one and only Troy Baker. From animated films and television shows to video games, Troy Baker has been the voice (and sometimes the face) of many iconic characters. It was Joel in The last of us, Talion in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Booker DeWitt In BioShock Infiniteand Erron Black in the new Mortal Kombat games.

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One of Troy Baker’s most famous traits is how nerdy he prides himself on. This has led to him landing so many roles in iconic franchises, especially in the Marvel and DC universes. For more than ten years, Troy Baker has provided his own take on famous superheroes and villains, but which ones are the best?

10 Hawkman (Justice League Action)

Hawkman Disgusted by Superman and Wonder Woman Romance - Justice League Action

In four different episodes of brevity Justice League ActionTroy Baker provided the voice of Hawkman. Not your biggest role or your deepest performance, but for a fun, colorful, action-packed superhero show for kids?

Troy delivered exactly what was needed for the role. The only downside is that Hawkman was only in four episodes, so Troy didn’t have much to do.

9 Loki (Marvel Animated Universe)

Loki - Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Troy Baker has played many Marvel characters in different mediums. One that many don’t even recognize is Loki everywhere. United Avengers, The last Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other entries from the Marvel TV animated universe.

While it is clear that his take is heavily inspired by Tom Hiddleston from the movies, Troy Baker is never presented as an impression of Hiddleston. Troy leaves his unique mark on the character and it’s actually hard to recognize Baker’s voice on paper.

8 Jason Todd (The Arkamverse)

Batman: Arkham Knight, Jason Todd faces off with Batman

Jason Todd’s character left fans divided when he was introduced to the Arkhamverse; some felt the character was a waste of potential, especially with the predictable twist, while others enjoyed the Arkham Knight version of the character.

Regardless of the character itself, there is no denying that Troy Baker put everything he had into playing the character. The broken mind, endless rage, and obsession with Batman’s death come out perfectly. Troy openly admitted his love for the character when he was in Retro repeat And it shows through his acting.

7 Two Faces (The Arkhamverse)

Before Jason Todd, Troy Baker joined the Arkhamverse in Batman: Arkham City. It was in this game that fans met Two-Face as a Batman and Catwoman villain. Playing someone with a personality disorder like Two-Face takes a lot of acting range.

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Troy Baker displays that range wonderfully while constantly switching between Harvey Dent and Two-Face with ease. Conversations with himself are straight out of a comic, but run like something Pull apart which is why fans warmly welcomed Troy as Two-Face in Batman: Arkham Knight.

6 Geo-Force (Young Justice)

Nightwing Schooling Geo-Force - Young Justice

Troy Baker’s longtime friend and colleague Nolan North had made waves playing Superboy and Superman in the Young Justice animated series. So fans were overjoyed when Nolan and Troy were reunited once again when Troy was introduced in season three.

Troy Baker plays Brion Markov AKA Geo-Force, a rather complex hero displaying a lot of brightness and darkness that Troy portrays remarkably well. It might have been easy for Troy to go with a more cartoonish accent as well, but his Eastern European accent feels quite genuine and it never wavers when Troy has to get emotional or raise his voice.

5 Hawkeye (Marvel Animated Universe)

Hawkeye - Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Troy Baker’s first big step into the world of Marvel was when The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was revived as United Avengers. The talented Chris Cox did not return, but was replaced by Troy Baker, who filled the shoes to perfection.

Despite the visual similarities to the movies, Troy doesn’t portray Hawkeye as Jeremy Renner’s version at all. Troy Baker’s hawk-eye looks more like a guy who never got past his college partyie phase, but is also the best archer in the world. He’s funny, charismatic, and a bit childish at times, but in the end, he’s a hero with a heart of gold.

4 Simon Krieger (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

Simon Krieger Threatening Miles - Spider-Man Miles Morales

Insomniac’s Marvel universe had fans hoping that Troy would finally land their dream role as Daredevil. While that may still be on the table for the future, Troy Baker joined the world of Insomniac as the villain Simon Krieger. Krieger debuted in Spider-Man: Miles Morales as the main antagonist.

Though nothing exactly new, Troy Baker effectively portrays the charismatic businessman who is secretly a megalomaniac and a psychopath. It’s not easy to make players hate a villain so much they can’t wait to beat them and Troy brings that viscosity to perfection to make Krieger one of the most hateful villains.

3 Batman (various)

Telltale Games Reopens Caution Batman Wolf Among Us

It’s not often that Batman has a new voice actor. DC has a tendency to stick with what it knows works, which is why Kevin Conroy has played the character for more than thirty years. However, from time to time, a new voice appears and it is usually fulfilled. Troy Baker was one of those new voices.

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Troy Baker started out as LEGO Batman in video games and movies, but eventually, Baker got updated and became Batman for the Telltale games. He would later play Batman in other projects, providing a more neo-noir approach to his performance. Troy admits his love and admiration for Kevin Conroy and uses it as inspiration for his own interpretation of Batman.

two Bruce Banner (Marvel’s Avengers)

Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk - Marvel's Avengers

Regardless of how one might feel about Marvel Avengers For Crystal Dynamics, many can agree that the cast put 100% effort into their roles. One of them was Troy Baker, this time taking on the role of Bruce Banner in a more broken and traumatized version of the character. Troy Baker brings a lot of what many fans felt the movies lacked – the character’s pain and anger.

Due to the events of A-Day, Bruce and the Hulk split again and Troy perfectly portrays Bruce’s discomfort as he tries to keep his anger under control. Troy also has great chemistry with Sandra Saad’s Kamala Khan, leading to an adorable friendship between the two characters.

1 The Joker (various)

Arkham Origins Joker

Facing Batman? It’s a tough act to follow, but Troy Baker’s most challenging comic book role would have to be replacing Mark Hamill as The Joker. Many fans doubted Troy when it was announced that he would play the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins. Fortunately, Troy Baker proved himself worthy by blowing everyone’s minds.

His incarnation of the Joker is very much an impression of Mark Hamill’s portrayal, but with the character’s youth. Troy was able to bring in the charismatic and twisted nature of the character. Troy even went as far as playing Batman and the Joker in the same movie with Batman VS Ninja Turtles. Fans also agree that if Mark Hamill retires from the character, Troy Baker is the best option to replace him.

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