Vision’s actions are a clear example of the factor most used to determine a person’s worth: the willingness to sacrifice to save others.

After six years, WandaVision finally showed exactly why Vision was worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer. The original moment indicating Vision’s merit dates back to 2015 The Avengers: Age of Ultron. As the Avengers argued with each other, Vision sprang into action, casually picking up Mjolnir and handing her to Thor. As a newborn Synth├ęzoid, Vision didn’t understand the significance of the act, but the other Avengers certainly did, and Vision picking up the hammer was all the proof they needed that they could trust him.

Mjolnir has a long and storied history in both the comics and the MCU, and while its history is vast, the only aspect that most people are familiar with is the fact that only the “worthy” can lift it. As your inscription says, “Whoever holds this hammer, be he worthy, will possess the power of Thor. ” In the comics, Thor’s hammer has been lifted by various characters over the years, leading some to wonder how the hammer determines value. Some have speculated that it is Odin’s personal determination, while others have postulated an interesting theory that it is the bearers themselves who determine whether they are worthy or not. However, in both the comics and the MCU, it can usually be possessed at a time when the character is more noble, more unconditional, more selfless.

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All these qualities culminate in Vision’s actions in WandaVision Episode 6, “New Spooktacular Halloween!” in a scene that makes up for Mjolnir’s faith in Vision all those years ago. Vision discovers Scarlet Witch’s magical barrier around Westview and forces himself to break through it at the expense of his own well-being, as his body begins to deteriorate once he’s out of the protective bubble. Yet even as he collapses, he continues to plead with SWORD agents to save the people of Westview; while he is dying, he thinks not of himself, but of the people he is trying to save. It is a completely selfless act on Vision’s part and a clear example of the factor historically most used in storytelling to determine a person’s worth: their willingness to sacrifice themselves to save others.

Death of Vision

However, Vision’s actions throughout his time in the MCU have shown that he has been worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer the entire time, not just in that moment. Several times he has shown his willingness to sacrifice himself. In Ultron age, flew back to a collapsing Sokovia to save Wanda and, in a later scene, served as a contrast for Ultron. Ultron could only see the shortcomings of humanity, while Vision believed the best of humanity’s potential and extended human grace. In Captain America: Civil War, was once again the voice of reason as the other Avengers discussed the Sokovia Accords, acknowledging all sides with a consideration and honesty that others lacked in their high emotional state. In Avengers: Infinity War, he was willing to die to destroy the Mind Stone that powered him if it meant stopping Thanos. And in WandaVisionHe was willing to die to save the people of Westview, and it is clear that he will willingly give up his borrowed life again if it means the innocent citizens of the city can be freed.

The cross line of Vision’s character from the beginning has been nobility. Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff may have sacrificed to stop Thanos, and Steve Rogers may be the world’s most inspiring leader, but Vision has always been the team’s moral compass. There isn’t a single moment in the MCU where you’ve had to make a decision that you didn’t selflessly make. It’s something beyond the cold calculation of Vision’s synthetic computer brain. His decisions have been, in many ways, the most humane of all the Avengers, and the scene in WandaVision drive home that point. Vision has always had immeasurable value, and Mjolnir recognized it in it so many years ago.

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