WandaVision: How the MCU Mocks Darcy’s Thor Movie’s Past

Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) has been redeemed on WandaVision, but that didn’t stop the show from teasing her arc in the first two Thor movies.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for WandaVision episode 6!

WandaVision has effectively redeemed Darcy Lewis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Episode 6 still mocked his past in the first two Thor films. Kat Dennings reprized her role as Darcy for the Disney + series after a long absence from the MCU. Originally introduced as Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) assistant, the character has become a fan favorite with her expanded presence in WandaVision. That said, the show couldn’t help but point to the past criticism surrounding Darcy.

Darcy made his MCU in 2011 Thor as part of the research team that first encountered the God of Thunder when he was exiled to Earth. At the time, she was an intern earning college credit as a political science student. After helping Thor (Chris Hemsworth) during his first trip to Earth, Darcy met the Asgard native in Thor: The Dark World. As with his first appearance, Darcy served primarily as comic relief within the supporting characters. While she was involved in otherworldly threats targeting her home planet, Darcy was never fully used as a dynamic character.

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Thankfully, WandaVision has put more effort into the MCU role of Dennings, adding substance to Darcy while making her an astrophysicist hired by SWORD to investigate Westview. Darcy still has his quick wit and sarcastic comments, but he also emerged as one of the most vital members of the team with his discoveries. By teaming up with SWORD’s Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), Darcy has been able to complete many pieces of the Westview puzzle. That didn’t stop SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) from referring to Darcy as the stereotypical “cheeky buddy” when he banished the trio from the base in Episode 6. The reductive comment not only solidified Hayward’s ignorance, It also played up the flaws with Darcy’s past appearances in the MCU.

Darcy’s Bow of Thor falls into a common trope

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis in the MCU

For much of his arc in the first two solo. Thor movies, Darcy fell into the sassy sidekick trope that often affects female supporting characters. In her case, Darcy was Jane’s smart friend and assistant, without much to add to the plot. Interestingly, Dennings starred in the comedy 2 broken girls as a brazenly sarcastic figure during his initial tenure with the MCU. It is possible that the actress fell into a typecast situation until WandaVision he finally decided to give Darcy the appropriate character development.

The criticism surrounding Darcy was clearly on the minds of the WandaVision equipment. By turning her into a notable astrophysicist with a lead role in the mystery-centered comedy-filled world of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), Darcy has shed the cheeky crony trope. The character is now an integral part of not only WandaVisionof the plot, but also of the future of the MCU. Dennings could show up anywhere now that his character is a fan favorite. It may never stop being the comic relief, nor will Darcy be able to hide from his side bow in the Thor movies, but it’s a good sign that Dennings deserves it in the MCU.

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