WandaVision theory: Tommy and Billy will be responsible for stopping Scarlet Witch

After the introduction of Billy and Tommy’s superpowers in WandaVision episode 6, the twins might be the only ones prepared to stop Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch’s powers are growing WandaVision, and this could mean that her super powerful sons, Tommy and Billy, will have to stop her. From the beginning of Marvel Studios’ first Disney + show, the viewers and even the characters within WandaVision they have questioned how the new lives of Wanda Maximoff and Vision are possible. As new episodes of the series are released, it has become obvious that Scarlet Witch is in control of Westview, at least partially. But with her incredible power set and a city full of hostages, it’s unclear how she (or whoever the mastermind behind the hex is) will be stopped.

Outside of Westview, SWORD has continued to debate the best strategy to stop the Westview anomaly. Acting director Tyler Hayward took matters into his own hands in episode 5 and ordered a missile attack on Scarlet Witch. Her thought process was that if she is the source of the spell, she will disappear if she dies. Unfortunately for him, Wanda thwarted the attack with ease. However, Scarlet Witch has some allies within the SWORD operation, as Monica Rambeau believes that Wanda should be her solution if she is also causing the problem, and Dr. Darcy Lewis and Agent Jimmy Woo are also on the side his side. Finding out how to stop Scarlet Witch is even more important now after the end of episode 6. The Scarlet Witch stopped her life in the city to spread the hex and save Vision after she tried to leave.

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In addition to this debate on what to do with Scarlet Witch, WandaVision Episode 6 included some important changes for your children. Tommy and Billy each discovered their powers during the Halloween-themed episode. The twins may just be learning what they can do, but the genesis of their abilities could be incredibly important to WandaVisionthe last episodes. Depending on how quickly they learn to control their powers, Billy and Tommy could be the ones to stop Scarlet Witch. WandaVisionfinal.

Billy and Tommy’s superhero powers explained

Billy and Tommy as Wiccan and Speed ​​in WandaVision

Readers of Marvel comics knew it was only a matter of time before Billy and Tommy got powers. WandaVision. The comic versions of these characters have power sets that are quite familiar to the Maximoff family. Billy has various magical and reality-warping powers like Scarlet Witch, and Tommy has superspeed like his Uncle Quicksilver. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are originally the children of Scarlet Witch, who were created using pieces of Mephisto’s soul. When the Marvel villain got them back, Billy and Tommy were reincarnated as William Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd. These versions of the Scarlet Witch children are the ones that develop powers. They both become members of the Young Avengers, where William is known as Wiccan and Thomas becomes Speed.

WandaVision It has only scratched the surface of what Billy and Tommy can do at Westview. Tommy uses his superspeed to race around town collecting candy, and is the first of the twins to suddenly realize his abilities. Billy’s magical powers flourish not long after. He uses them to stop Tommy from running when he magically senses Vision is in danger. Billy manages to see and hear what Vision is doing, but he couldn’t track his exact location. This appears to be Billy discovering his clairvoyance abilities. WandaVision he still has room to increase his powers, including Tommy’s intangibility and Wiccan’s teleportation, flight, and energy projections.

WandaVision has made Scarlet Witch even more powerful

WandaVision explores the past and all the powers of Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has two super-powered children right after her own power levels increase by WandaVision. As Wanda gained a more prominent role in the MCU and learned to control her abilities, she was quickly brought into the conversation to be the most powerful Avenger. Avengers: Infinity War It was the start of Marvel really leveling off what it was capable of, as it held Thanos at bay and destroyed an Infinity Stone at the same time. When she came back Avengers Endgame, Scarlet Witch would have single-handedly defeated Thanos if it weren’t for him calling for an air strike. This is canon, like WandaVision it took time for the characters in the universe to confirm that this was the case.

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As powerful as Scarlet Witch was heading to WandaVision, has shown even greater skills during it. She seems to have created life with the births of Tommy and Billy, but Wanda is also somewhat responsible for controlling the nearly three thousand residents of Westview. WandaVision Episode 6 showed that the victims near Scarlet Witch’s hexagonal edge don’t really move, but she still has some control over them. The end of the episode turned out to be another example of how powerful she is too. Wanda paused all life within the Hex to focus and then used her powers to expand the limits of the magic bubble. This meant instantly warping miles from reality. It was an incredible demonstration of what Scarlet Witch can do, but it also reinforces how difficult it will be to stop her.

Theory: Billy and Tommy will stop Scarlet Witch

Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed ​​Powers on WandaVision

Although Monica Rambeau thinks she could convince Scarlet Witch to stop the hex herself, that doesn’t seem like the trajectory. WandaVisionThe story is on. Wanda tells Pietro in episode 6 that she felt endless pain afterwards Avengers Endgame, and has shown no signs of wanting this “happy” family life with Vision to end. In fact, it’s proven that it will do whatever it takes to keep it going, even if it means bringing more people into the hex against their will. Barring a massive change of mind or if she follows her own advice, Scarlet Witch will need to be stopped by WandaVisionfinal.

The Marvel universe is full of characters who could fill this role, such as Doctor Strange before Wanda appears in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Still, WandaVision currently has Billy and Tommy in position to be the heroes. Tommy’s superspeed isn’t that essential to stopping Scarlet Witch, but Billy’s magical abilities might be the key. He has been shown to be a powerful wizard in the comics and could use his powers to help stop Wanda. Whether that includes a magical duel, teleporting people to safety, or some other use of magic, Billy is theoretically capable of going head-to-head with his mother. This would also put Wanda in the difficult position of having to fight her children to maintain the illusion, which could help her decide to stop.

Billy and Tommy, who play a key role in stopping Scarlet Witch, could already be set by WandaVision. Unlike the rest of the people in Westview, the show has shown that Scarlet Witch’s powers can’t control twins like it does everyone else. Their powers don’t work on them to make them stop crying when they are babies, and they are in control enough to age without your help. Now that Wiccan has glimpsed the outside world, you might have questions about what exactly is going on in Westview.

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How WandaVision Can Shape The Future Of Twins’ Young Avengers

WandaVision Billy Tommy Wiccan Speed ​​Young Avengers Configuration SR

Depending on how Billy and Tommy help stop Scarlet Witch in WandaVision, the show could establish your future with the Young Avengers. A looming question about the two children is what happens to them once the hex is inevitably destroyed. Since they were created within false reality, will they cease to exist or will they become “real boys” upon entering the real world? If Marvel Studios follows your comic stories, that’s probably the first thing. However, that could delay the Young Avengers’ arrival in the MCU, barring a complicated explanation that Billy and Tommy were reborn in the past, so they are now of age in the real world. However, the MCU would still have to figure out what Billy and Tommy’s home lives would be like, as it seems unlikely that Scarlet Witch will continue to raise children.

In any case, it would be a lot easier for the MCU if they continue to exist whenever the false reality of Westview falls apart. With other Young Avengers members like Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and America Chavez debuting during Phase 4, Billy and Tommy sticking around makes more sense. If they play a role in stopping Westview’s alternate reality in WandaVision, that could even mean that WandaVision it ends with them already being perceived as heroes. Wiccan is one of the founding members of the Young Avengers in the comics, so perhaps he and Speed ​​will be looking for other young heroes after these recent events. If they’re alone while Wanda joins Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, then they might as well begin the journey to become heroes of their own. And they should have no problem recruiting if they could say that they defeated one of the most powerful Avengers.

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