WandaVision’s Easter Egg movie hints that Quicksilver is an imposter

WandaVision Episode 6 referenced a famous movie that could hint at Pietro’s true identity. Should Wanda trust her twin brother or is he an impostor?

A conveniently located film reference at WandaVision Episode 6 could hint at the true nature of Quicksilver’s return and suggest that he is an imposter. Despite shocking retaliation from Evan Peters for his role as Quicksilver at the end of Episode 5, WandaVision has not disclosed why or how Fox’s Quicksilver X Men The franchise replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro Maximoff once he arrived at Westview. Instead, Episode 6 focuses on Vision’s attempt to escape the neighborhood as Pietro befriends his nephews Billy and Tommy. Although this makes Pietro seem trustworthy, he may actually be convincing Wanda to lower her guard to betray her later.

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Pietro has admitted that he does not remember how he rose from the dead after Avengers: Age of Ultron or how exactly did it end up coming back in WandaVision with a different face. Her words sound sincere, as does Wanda’s confession that she doesn’t know how she created Westview seems honest. However, every detail within the reality created by the Scarlet Witch hex is physically modified to have symbolic meaning, and many of them can reveal information that the characters cannot. One such detail is the movie theater marquee in the background during Wanda and Pietro’s conversation when they are watching Billy and Tommy trick or treating, showing the 2004 Pixar animated film. The Incredibles and the 1998 comedy The parent trap.

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While winking at The Incredibles is a direct reference to the super powerful family of Wanda, the famous Disney movie The parent trap it could allude to Pietro’s hidden identity. The parent trap tells the story of two twin girls who had never met before, but who agree to use their likeness to swap identities and bring their divorced parents to reunite and rekindle their love. Also, the marquee just behind Wanda and Pietro in WandaVision Episode 6 could be foreshadowing Pietro’s betrayal after posing as Wanda’s beloved brother. Instead of using the image of Aaron Taylor-Johnson to fool Wanda, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver could be using his memories and knowledge of Wanda’s trauma to further his ulterior motives.

Pietro and Wanda in WandaVision Episode 6 Comic Book Accurate Halloween Costumes

Pietro’s memories have been confusing and almost contradictory. First, Pietro did not remember Vision when he first met him in WandaVisionas asked “Who is the paddle?” despite having witnessed the creation of the synthezoid in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pietro also has inaccurate memories of his childhood with Wanda, refusing to answer some of Wanda’s questions about her past, but still knows that Wanda used to induce nightmares in her victims when she was testing her powers. Also, he doesn’t appear to have been brainwashed, unlike the rest of the Westview residents, including Agnes and even Vision, who don’t remember the Avengers at all.

If this Pietro is really a different character posing as Quicksilver, that would mean that the “real” Pietro could still be there, although he is much more likely still dead after his sacrifice in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The reference to The parent trap It would be a solid omen if Pietro is finally revealed to be a copycat trying to stop or encourage Wanda’s mental breakdown, but he could also be telling the truth about his memories while being manipulated by the true villain of WandaVision. Whether that antagonist is Mephisto, Agatha Harkness, the villain from Doctor Strange Nightmare, or a surprising character remains a mystery, but considering how everything that goes into Westview changes drastically, it’s not hard to infer that there’s more to Pietro than what. it seems.

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